Saturday, August 6, 2016

Target 824

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have not had the time nor energy to track the New York City target which someone planted the seed of from the regime to advance a time line, which Dick Allgire and his remote viewers have now sprouted, but do so on Friday evening on what inquiry reveals is trending.

When I last visited this one Wednesday night, I could not lock onto this warhead as it kept saying "assembled on an island" and there was not any ocean which would point to the location. It appears there was a transition in the time line current taking place, as on 9 11, in two bombing scenarios in different hijackers, something else has appeared.

Inquiry points to Turkmenistan uranium which was transported on an Asian ship to North Carolina. It was transported to Missouri, where it has been assembled into a 9 megaton h bomb. With a hat tip to Tim Rifat, the psylord, there is 34 kilos of cobalt packed into this device.

The new time line does not progress a missile launch off a Pakistani ship as previous, but is truck delivered to NYC to the 6th floor of a parking garage, where it will be detonated.

Inquiry states the ship was Malaysian.

Those behind this mean to make this a scar for the decay of the cobalt of over 5 years. There is not going to be any rebuilding with this radioactive wall they intend to build inside America.

The time line has not changed. Target is still 1 AM on the 24th.

Inquiry states this was recent mining in the ore.

Inquiry states the device will begin it's journey on August 7th. The time line can be changed and it must be attempted as now is not the time. Mr. Trump and his family are still trending as safe. First movement is inside Missouri to an underground garage. There will be several transition points.

Time to regenerate.