Saturday, August 6, 2016

Time for the Trump size Chill Pill

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the genetic of psychological reasons, people always think they have the wisdom of Solomon and every one else can not figure out not to stand in traffic. I state this as when Donald Trump endorsed McCain  and Ryan, there were very intelligent people like Jeff Rense who just felt vulnerable and started warning Donald  Trump, and in that emotional state, neglected to notice things in God's Spirit which revealed that Donald Trump does indeed know.

I do not ever reveal the situation of the tactics of Donald Trump like some looking for attention do on Twitter, because  it only helps our enemies in figuring out what Donald Trump lured them into.

Wayne Madsen yesterday cut Mr. Trump down as not being intelligent enough to know things about Khan......and yet it was Mr. Trump who spiked this story, and trusted that Americans would lock onto this story like a terrier and shake the life out of it.
The composure Mr. Trump shows in being bitten at the heels all the time, even from this blog, is remarkable as most do not have that kind of self control and patience.

Was I devistated by the Mike Pence pick? Certainly I was  like everyone was, but just because your horse picks up a bot fly, you don't jump off of it with the Indians on the rampage behind you. Donald is the horse and this is who we ride out of the valley of the shadow or we die here.

I desire though to address  further the Ryan and McCain endorsement, because what is missed is Paul Nehlen's response. Mr. Nehlen was supportive, measured and praising of Donald Trump, while the rest of you were ranting online again.

Now why would Paul Nehlen do that? THINK.

Could it be that like Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump saw the wave coming, and made the call to Paul Nehlen explaining things. Could he have shared with Mr. Nehlen, what Mr. Nehlen already knows in Donald Trump's endorsement of Paul Ryan will not change one vote?
That Paul Nehlen has more than enough votes in a stastical margin that what Mr. Trump does or does not do, does not matter, as Mr. Trump stated this is bigger than him or anyone else? Donald Trump was in code telling everyone what the game was and is.

Donald Trump required some cover, for the reason that Hillary Clinton did not gain a spike coming out of the DNC. The elite were in a panic, and when Khan started blowing up in their face again and people were not paying attention to the Obama tyrades or those odd cuckservative stories, they went insane again in overplaying things.
So Mr. Trump on a Friday night, when the Olympics were the focus, gives  a few sentences read on a platform of endorsing and unity, and lessens the effect completely.

Donald Trump in the art of the deal, checked the GOPe. He helped Ryan and McCain not in the least, and if people would settle down and think just a little bit, they will see that if they do not hurt Mr. Trump now, nothing will touch him.

Mike Pence did a rally in Colorado and no one showed up. No one cares about Pence endorsing anything. He is best left to a jobs message in the rust belt to remind people that Donald Trump is aware of their plight.

So once again Mr. Trump managed a very good play again. I will review this for you, so you are aware.

1. Paul Manafort for the GOPliters destroyed Corey Lewandowski, who is not non stop on CNN promoting Mr. Trump, and as Manafort blew the delegates he is now marginalized.

2. Mike Pence is Mr.  No Show in rallies in no one cares......again a GOPe being exposed as no testosterone and weak, while Mr. Trump is strong.

3. McCain and Ryan, for Priebus got their pound of flesh, but it is an empty meal. Hopefully they will be primaried, Donald Trump has cover, and American have Americans running the GOP, instead of traitor McCain and Ryan, as voters are not going to follow Donald Trump's endorsements, when he did everything to marginalize them.

Now the insiders are aware of the above, because I had to explain things here, instead of all of you just settling down, not being emotional, not treating Donald Trump like he does not understand that fire burns you, as he knows the game and is playing it.

When I see this, it is like World War II in FDR and Eisenhower relieving Patton of command. You just can't stop the war because shit happens and Bradley is in charge. You bide your time, work to marginalize the opposition, and in time your guy comes to the forefront, as Donald Trump is the guy who is going to secure the borders, get your jobs back, and start the deflation process with prosecution of these traitors, as that is what American demands.

More terror events, more misery, just adds to the movement that Donald Trump is being empowered by. So stop the panic mode. Be like General Grant against the great General Lee. Neither could defeat each other, and we are in a fight where we can not defeat the GOPliters, conglomerates, media and regime, but we can like Grant not get rattled, and every day stay on objective of move  by the left flank , going ahead and making this hydra react to our actions as Mr. Trump is.

Donald Trump knows what he is doing. Do not believe the insider flat world assessments on "Does he want to win", because this is Donald Trump, he not only wants to win, he wants his fricking statues lining from 1600 Penn  Avenue to Madison Avenue.
Just because Donald  Trump does things his way, like Patton, like MacArthur, like Teddy Roosevelt, like Andrew Jackson, means he is a rugged individualist. Every day is not going to be perfect for the mine fields laid out for him. You though can get your heads out of your asses, settle down and stop going fetal every time a few shots get fired over you, or some officer like Ryan or McCain shows  up who you is war and they will lose and be replaced.

Nothing is gauranteed in this. It is not a dictatorship on the American side. It is a point though if you stop getting emotional, and instead start asking yourself, now how can this be exploited by Mr. Trump in what he is doing...........then you will see that Donald Trump is the bright kid laughing at the joke..........and then you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT as posting things online only hurts what Mr. Trump is engaged in, in trying to save you.

Stop aiding the enemy because you have such a non essential life that you have to scream out secrets for attention.

Learn the game,  and take it to the next level so you start screwing with the enemy. They hit Donald start start posting something about Hillary Clinton had Huma give Khizr Khan a blow job as part of the deal to go IED against Donald Trump.
The best propaganda is the Truth, but when you have these traitors lying about Mr. and Mrs. Trump, then all is fair, and speculating that the reason Big Koch has closed door meetings, is because Erick Erickson and Bill Kristol pull trains there as boxes of Prep H always are seen going into those events. Smart ass satire does just as much damage, and that is why the Alt Right prevails...........because that is what this sappers in the wire is all about. You exploit everything for the objective in comments using the same inflamed rhetoric in which I am attacked.

You make their Louvre shake for their Paris balls.  

Just remember Donald Trump has been around the block. Beaten the best bankers  who  tried  to bankrupt him. Led Hillary around on the donation leash.  He has a beautiful wife  and ex wives who love him, as do all of their children.
Donald Trump has not had one friend every come out and trash him. He has billions of dollars. A Taj Mahal Boeing and keeps winning against all odds.

...and you are thinking like Paul Manafort that you know something which Donald Trump does not?