Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ant Catalogue

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

ANT in the NSA stands for Access Network Technology, and is run out of TAO, or Tailored Access Operations, and what it basically all means is, someone who appears terrified that Hillary Clinton is going to steal the US elections is going to murder them, and has been releasing the hacking tools of the NSA trolls who have been writing script and creating doors into everything that has a computer chip in them or electric current running through them.

There is a partial list on Wiki of the ANT group, and what stands out for me personally is, this is not the big picture which has been developed, but ANT with the intelligence community has been creating doors through BIOS, or the basic brain stem onto a computer, so it will not appear in normal virus scans.

The second revelation which leaps out at me, is the NSA  has technology to construct images or reverse programming from simply sensing the systems which the program is in contact with.
Literally with radar sweeps, your computer or cell phone can be swept and activated. Charles R. Smith mentioned this taking place in car alarms being activated by these radars in mass at parking lots. ANT confirms all of this, and it explains how computers, phones and television keep turning on and off mysteriously.

Again Mr. Smith states the FBI operates surveillance aircraft all across America, flying in loops which gather up all cell phone and wifi signals. Again, this is FBI sensing in reacting to ping signals from uplinks, but the activation and deactivation of devices, is radar related and this is a completely different animal.

The information below is over a decade old. This means all of your wonderful security systems have already been compromised.  The much touted Protonmail is about as secure as ...........well you might as well send the NSA a closed copy as that is what your are doing as the intelligence community is already in that network too, as it is in every encrypted network. That is why Proton went down when I signed up for it.

I am going to leave this at that explanation, as I have had nothing but "lags" in everything from my emails to sites freezing today. I have company on high speed as the popular girl finally has filtered to humans from the artificials on the Dick Allgire remote viewing leads.

Just lovely.

    The NSA ANT document contains codeword references to hardware and software surveillance technology available to the NSA.[18]
    1. BULLDOZER: Technology that creates a hidden wireless bridge allowing NSA personnel to remotely control a system wirelessly.[15][19]
    2. CANDYGRAM: A $40,000 tripwire device that emulates a GSM cellphone tower.

  2. COTTONMOUTH: (see image at right) A family of modified USB and Ethernet connectors that can be used to install Trojan horse software and work as wireless bridges, providing covert remote access to the target machine.[20] COTTONMOUTH-I is a USB plug that uses TRINITY as digital core and HOWLERMONKEY as RF transceiver. Cost in 2008 was slightly above $1M for 50 units.
  3. COTTONMOUTH-II is deployed in a USB socket (rather than plug), and costs only $200K per 50 units, but requires further integration in the target machine to turn into a deployed system.
  4. COTTONMOUTH-III is a stacked Ethernet and USB plug costing approximately $1.25M for 50 units.
  5. CROSSBEAM is "a GSM communications module capable of collecting and compressing voice data" [21]
  6. CTX4000: Continuous wave radar device that can ""illuminate" a target system for recovery of "off net" information.[22]
  7. CYCLONE-HX9 - GSM Base Station Router
  8. DEITYBOUNCE: Technology that installs a backdoor software implant on Dell PowerEdge servers via the motherboard BIOS and RAID controller(s).[23][24]
  9. DROPOUTJEEP: "A software implant for the Apple iPhone that utilizes modular mission applications to provide specific SIGINT functionality. This functionality includes the ability to remotely push/pull files from the device. SMS retrieval, contact list retrieval, voicemail, geolocation, hot mic, camera capture, cell tower location, etc. Command, control and data exfiltration can occur over SMS messaging or a GPRS data connection. All communications with the implant will be covert and encrypted."[8]
  10. EBSR is a "tri-band active GSM base station with internal 802.11/GPS/handset capability" [25]
  12. FEEDTROUGH: Software that can penetrate Juniper Networks firewalls allowing other NSA-deployed software to be installed on mainframe computers.[1][9][26]

  14. FIREWALK: (see image at right) A device that looks identical to a standard RJ45 socket that allows data to be injected, or monitored and transmitted via radio technology.[27] using the HOWLERMONKEY RF transceiver. It can for instance create a VPN to the target computer. Cost in 2008: $537K for 50 units.
    • FOXACID: Technology that can install spyware using a "quantum insert" capable of infecting spyware at a packet level. (Not numbered because FOXACID may or may not be part of the NSA ANT catalog; sources differ.)
  16. GINSU: Technology that uses a PCI bus device in a computer, and can reinstall itself upon system boot-up.[28]
  17. GOPHERSET: GSM software that uses a phone's SIM card’s API (SIM Toolkit or STK) to control the phone through remotely sent commands.[29]
  18. GOURMETTROUGH: User-configurable persistence implant for certain Juniper Networks firewalls.[22]
  19. HALLUXWATER: Back door exploit for Huawei Eudemon firewalls.[22]
  20. HEADWATER: Persistent backdoor technology that can install spyware using a "quantum insert" capable of infecting spyware at a packet level on Huawei routers.[22]

  22. HOWLERMONKEY: (see image at right) A RF transceiver that makes it possible (in conjunction with digital processors and various implanting methods) to extract data from systems or allow them to be controlled remotely.
  23. IRATEMONK: Technology that can infiltrate the firmware of hard drives manufactured by Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.[30]
  24. IRONCHEF: Technology that can "infect" networks by installing itself in a computer I/O BIOS.[15] IRONCHEF includes also "Straitbizarre" and "Unitedrake" which have been linked to the spy software REGIN.[31]
  26. JETPLOW: Firmware that can be implant to create a permanent backdoor in a Cisco PIX series and ASA firewalls.[22]
  27. LOUDAUTO: $30 audio-based RF retro-reflector listening device.[22]

  29. MAESTRO-II: a multi-chip module approximately the size of a dime that serves as the hardware core of several other products. The module contains a 66 MHz ARM7 processor, 4 MB of flash, 8 MB of RAM, and a FPGA with 500,000 gates. Unit cost: $3–4K (in 2008). It replaces the previous generation modules which were based on the HC12 microcontroller.
  30. MONKEYCALENDAR: Software that transmits a mobile phone's location by hidden text message.
  31. NEBULA
  32. NIGHTSTAND: Portable system that wirelessly installs Microsoft Windows exploits from a distance of up to eight miles.[22]
  33. NIGHTWATCH: Portable computer used to reconstruct and display video data from VAGRANT signals; used in conjunction with a radar source like the CTX4000 to illuminate the target in order to receive data from it.
  34. PICASSO: Software that can collect mobile phone location date, call metadata, access the phone’s microphone to eavesdrop on nearby conversations.[29]
  35. PHOTOANGLO: A joint NSA/GCHQ project to develop a radar system to replace CTX4000.[22]
  36. RAGEMASTER: (see image above, right) A concealed $30 device that taps the video signal from a target's computer's VGA signal output so the NSA can see what is on a targeted desktop monitor. It is powered by a remote radar and responds by modulating the VGA red signal (which is also sent out most DVI ports) into the RF signal it re-radiates; this method of transmission is codenamed VAGRANT. RAGEMASTER is usually installed/concealed in the ferrite choke of the target cable. The original documents are dated 2008-07-24. Several receiver/demodulating devices are available, e.g. NIGHTWATCH.[6]
  37. SCHOOLMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based (FreeBSD-variant) J-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  38. SIERRAMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based M-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  39. STUCCOMONTANA: Software that makes DNT implants persistent on JUNOS-based T-series routers/firewalls.[22]
  40. SOMBERKNAVE: Software that can be implanted on a Windows XP system allowing it to be remotely controlled from NSA headquarters.
  41. SOUFFLETROUGH: BIOS injection software that can compromise Juniper Networks SSG300 and SSG500 series firewalls.[22]

  43. SPARROW II: (see image at right) A small computer intended to be used for WLAN collection, including from UAVs. Hardware: IBM Power PC 405GPR processor, 64 MB SDRAM, 16 MB of built-inflash, 4 mini PCI slots, CompactFlash slot, and 802.11 B/G hardware. Running Linux 2.4 and the BLINDDATE software suite. Unit price (2008): $6K.
  44. SURLYSPAWN: Keystroke monitor technology that can be used on remote computers that are not internet connected.
  45. SWAP: Technology that can reflash the BIOS of multiprocessor systems that run FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, or Windows.
  48. TOTEGHOSTLY: Software that can be implanted on a Windows mobile phone allowing full remote control.
  49. TRINITY: (see image at right) A more recent and more powerful multi-chip module using a 180 MHz ARM9 processor, 4 MB of flash, 96 MB of SDRAM, and a FPGA with 1 million gates. Smaller than a penny. Estimated cost (2008) $625K for 100 units.
  50. WATERWITCH: A portable "finishing tool" that allows the operator to find the precise location of a nearby mobile phones.