Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton in the Pink.........Yet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most people pick dashing or alluring names for their alter ego. Like Turd Burdleson or Harrison J. Bounel. Like my alter ego is Willa Skinualive. Do not start emailing me at my personal address though.

When it comes to the daughter of Webb Hubble though, it is not like Snatch Pothuffer, like Malia Obama, no Chelsea's name is Diane Reynolds. I mean how boring is that?

Chelsea looks more like a Lez Bendmeover or a Des Parateforcock. Maybe not for the cock, but did you see the way that poor husband of her's fawns over her? Geez Louise, that man could do better picking up a snatch off West 57th, selling it for 100 dollar a blow, than what Chelsea you know with those teeth she bites on his johnson and there ain't no way she kisses and swallows.

It is just a reality that there is absolutely no imagination in the Hamrod women. Would not a name like Swallow Deep been great in emails, and if anyone ever found out, it would make great porn fodder for the leftwing press in they would love the joke.

Bill's name is Stroke Johnson, but Hillary's is typical in Igotta Headache. Huma though is Next Please.

....and the content of the emails is leaked classified information. I mean what the hell is Chelsea going to do with that? Weave it into a bedtime story or foreplay? If she did with the husband, I could see the part about firing pillow grenades and sexual interrogation with the dirty American.....but shit it is would take about a quart of whiskey as you know the face Chelsea is one Muslims would demand a burkah should cover up and never want uncovered.

Hillary does have a sort of butch addy in Hrod 17.....and people thought I was bad for calling her Hamrod.........and here Hillary only need the AM and she was right on board. It is nice to know that she can handle a 17 inch black dildo though. I suppose it is something she likes bragging about at Benghazi meetings.

Oh you don't think why Hillary was waiting for the other shoe to drop, that she didn't happen to mention something like, "Oh that pansy boy Chris Stevens, dying from being ass raped, hell if I was there them Muslims would have been mummified from me draining them of bodily fluids, and I would have been shouting out, "NEXT DOZEN"!!!

Sure you would be shocked, but you know Joe Biden would be reaching for his Viagra as Hillary was saying, "You don't believe me? I will send the video over......just skip to hour #7 as the first 6 are just me and 200 Mexicans. I look better with a second coat of sperm glossies".

Oh and in all of this hacked emails, did you happen to notice that NONE of them happen to be to Birther Obama? What for four years she never emailed the boss once? So you know in those thousands of emails the FBI 'lost', that those are the ones from Obama giving the quid pro quo go to all the crimes right?
That is what this chit is all about in the cover up. It is about like Sandy Berger stealing documents out of the National Archives, and now the Vince Foster file is vanished too. This is about Obama's crimes, and both Clinton and Obama covering it all Clinton can keep the cover up going by stealing the election in November.

So when the find the emails from Igotta Headache to Vag Inal, you will know you hit the real emails from Clinton and Obama. Otherwise this Hillary sick for a toe tag is just part of the drama of preparing the world for her going tits up before the first term is out. Probably got some damn Clinton Foundation donation to put her head on the Statue of Liberty or something or carving a big slit in a mountain at call it Mt. Cunt for the Hamrod Monument to feminism.

All so disappointing in the alter egos of these people. I mean with treason you got to have something sexy like Deep Throat betraying Richard Nixon.......and all we got is Diane Reynolds.......that is a fricking name of a character on the Young and the that was Diane Jenkins maybe........I don't know or care really as when Terry Lester left the show it just carpet bombed to the cellar. 

Oh but let us not overlook Hillary 5th Column over at the Washington Examiner by Paige Winfield Cunningham vouching that Hillary Clinton is in the pink of health and that Donald Trump is the problem again for asking about this issue..........and that according to the Mayo Clinton that Hamrod is in perfect health.........YET.
Yeah fricking YET on the end of the medical statement bracing up the old girl.

Did I tell you the one about the missing hydrogen bomb yet?