Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Ardent Indignation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This was forwarded to me by a rather indignant person whose claim to having authority to censor what appears in this blog is if I mould myself to fit his morality, that I will then of course would have more donors, as he certainly could not share such vulgarity as appears on the Lame Cherry.........oh and the authority was apparently being a Christian and a Veteran of military intelligence and serving in Korea.

Such ignorance requires pointing out a few things, as stones have been cast at me again. So let us just examine this.

Dear LC,
I am an ardent, well, at least interested, reader of your blog and have been for some time. I share your stated positions ref Trump, Manafort, Ryan, McCain, Lewandowski, Clinton and others you so adeptly skewer and I share them with certain others by copying and pasting them into a format I can email.
 One of the "certain others"  I share some of your offerings with is my daughter, Laurie. Now, Laurie is a Christian, MBA, meaning she is no dummy and besides that she is no prude. I especially enjoyed your piece today ref Trump and his endorsements but I could not in good conscience send it to her because of the vulgarities it contained. I don't talk that way to any of my three daughters and would appreciate it if you would abstain from such vulgarities so that I can share them and discuss with Laurie. I am not going to edit your work but, it is my opinion, that you would have more readership (and hence, more contributors) if you would temper your use of such vulgar words and statements.
I am not a prude either, having served three years in the  US Army Communication Intelligence, about a year and a half in Korea but even I could enjoy your pieces if you would simply refrain from such vulgararities.
By the way, I am a contributor, under the name of XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX.
Keep up the good work
PS, I too live on a farm, with Horses, Sheep Geese,Dogs, Cats and Coyotes and Foxes that have feasted on our Ducks. Bantys and baby Geese.

Playing turn the other cheek Christian nice, has gotten our children ass fucked around the world, and of course ass fucking is such a crude word, and it makes ass fucking not so crude, if we all refer to it as gay, LGBTQ and the new "child love", as we can not call terrorists that either.
So you shit for brains get the point, you have the right to come into my email and word rape me, because I was here taking the ground and holding the line, while all of you pussies were hiding in your luxury worried about being called a racist, in thinking Obama was a Nigger, when this mongrel was a Sugarland breeding experiment.

Then let us examine about someone who served in the military, in military intelligence, who helped install and protect the very traitors who have now cemented the American Police State, so the final stage of American Genocide is in place...........and they have the asstard audacity to come into my position on point, and start lecturing me about what God has me doing, when they are too brainwashed to realize the content here is to expose sin and to stop the God damned thought police.

Before the Lame Cherry appeared, all there was, was Storm Front and they were all in prison, except the FBI minders. Now there is the Alt Right in their 30 somethings thinking they are the thought process in Ricky Vaughn coming to the understanding which was infused into the thought collective by the Lame Cherry months ago. .01% of you have any inkling what a tenth of what God has me up to, the rest of you at least are bright enough to admit you do not know or keep your mouths shut and wait and see what happens.

You do not like what appears here and are so shit for brains you think you can tell me what to do when God has Inspired the things here, I have some advice in GO BLOG YOURSELF. Go scurry to your church and ask your pulpit for insights and you will get a blank stare. God rub your Bible and it will not speak to you. Go talk to God and He will be silent.........and then you are stuck with the popular girl, and you are stuck with you, in not liking being exposed for a fool in public, in thinking you could come to my house and bitch slap me and tell me to put on proper clothes.

For the record, as it apparently needs repeating, no one gets to gets to tell me what to do here, and no one gets to call me a son of a bitch, except for a 500,000 dollar donation, and then it is a one time deal before your ass is blocked.

Now let us face the reality, in I am exhausted and in a matrix where a big white nuclear World War IV is what I have run into, and when I go beyond the curtain there is just pillars of darkness of all of you children and brats getting in the way like a maze in not wanting this to happen.
Adult world in this, in I just wasted time and energy correcting the record, and now if I do not get this multiple time line shifted, you get the mark in the Judgment Book for being responsible for billions of people and animals dead. Amazing thing this jumping into my world where if I do not warn things I get blamed for other's sins, and people thinking this is all without consequence as their small minds must dictate the content here as they of course know no one ever listening to them and God not talking to them.

Hell of a thing being an adult. Hell of a thing to pull a trigger and kill someone you never meant to. Hell of a thing to type things out and send them and never be able to take them back.

Vulgarities? Brothers murdering brothers, brothers raping sisters, princes raping virgins, children burned alive, innocent men crucified for talking. Apparently missed that in the Bible and muted those parts out for the daughters too.
The world is in a fight which ends in Armageddon against all evil, and you are fucking fixated on the message.

Keep your donations which come with chains attached and answer to God for your sins in casting stones.