Sunday, August 21, 2016

Obama the Water Golf playin' Son of a Bitch

Obama the water golf playin' Fool

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well it is a mixture of the best of all worlds, for we finally have discovered how to get blacks employed, image Obama to visit disaster area and start a new Olympic event.

The answer of course is to tell image Obama that it can play golf in Louisiana on the natural disaster tour, and utilize blacks as golf tees, holding up the ball in a new sport for the Olympics, Water Golf.

What could be better than this, as instead of an image Obama fly over, image Obama will light Air Force One on the ground, and actually interact with Louisianans. Mind you it might be just the one black man golf tee, but at least it will be a black man, and image Obama will not have to be phobic over it all, as the image is with blacks, in  the image can be fooled it is just a big black golf tee.

This seems to be the key. Just tell image Obama that the image can play a game and it will show up and be fooled into showing it will put in an appearance for a back 9 water holes.