Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Gotham Effect

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The experience of NYC824 has two prominent points.

Point one the rich were not in the least bit thankful.

Point two the dead are a problem.

What I explain by the last point is in making known the time line, numbers of people were against the event, so it built up a resistance wall which hindered my efforts exponentially.

Then there was the nuclear blast. It hung there in time and was something at that moment, a definite resistance again from dead New Yorkers, who realizing their life was stolen from them, produced this barrier.

I moved through this in the matrix with efforts as it was viscous, and discovered myself in a darkness, ashen and dreary, with these things like pillars there, which were dead people's wills all in the way. It was a hell of a maze like Aspen dog hair forest and I am not an elk bulling my way through that thick stuff.

What is the unexpected in this, is I awoke on the morning of the event, and it felt all through my inner Spirit, akin to a limb being asleep in it tingled like that uncomfortably. This was the dead New Yorkers in vast numbers.
What followed was as a horror movie in I could feel unnumbered wills, hands, grabbing at me in order to get their lives back. It was unsettling and draining.

I would term this the Gotham Effect as I can not keep naming everything after me in the Cherry Effect unless I start putting Roman Numerals after my name.
As stated I would term the above the Gotham Effect, but something else happened which is the Gotham Effect. It was perplexing to comprehend, because Mom and TL both cited without my noting what I was experiencing, in the same draining, uncomfortable and odd feeling. It is apparent that death in the massive numbers has an effect on sensitives. I do not know if I was the conduit in not blocking the effect in it was such a massive force that it drained TL and Mom through me, or the effect amplified off of me, effecting them. That is not the great need to understand at this point as it is not like every day there are going to be millions of people vanquished in one location, with my being focused upon it for a month in fine tuning myself to stopping it. Those numbers will appear in the next years. What is of scientific fascination is I did not expect to have the dead of New York in that time line being a screaming mob of thieves reaching back to this world through me to get back what was stolen from them. It is akin to being in a skiff on the ocean and having a million drowning frantic wastes pulling the boat down.......except they were going through me.

This effect has never been described previously and it was unexpected. It was unsettling, not that this type of being accosted in a form of rape took place from the desperate, but the immense effect it had on myself and others. I have not been a stranger to Spiritual battle and the taxing of those energies, and had become accustomed to the resistance and draining...actually becoming stronger for it as is God's design. What took place with the Gotham Effect though was something that I was not in the least expecting in this type of ....... the feeling of millions of people frightened, cheated, raped from existence in this world, in their desperate invasion of me is just unsettling and has had a profound effect in dealing or healing from it.

I am simply by God's Wisdom, going to have to develop a shield so that others will not be effected and gain will power in order to deal with not millions but billions as that will appear in the future.

As this is all virgin territory of uncommon knowledge, I place this for my personal reference, and intend to not have a repeat performance. At least in the accosting of my Spirit in me. There is nothing to be done though in those in cities not appreciating in the least their being saved to continue on their selfish sinning way.

I have not ascertained yet in inquiry if that which I felt and still feel is generated out there, was the real event and by the Grace of God I stopped a shadow event.......meaning the dead are still out there and simply require moving to that mass event which certainly has been reset.

Odd how the omens though speak of the destruction of New York in NYC824 in a blood moon. The depths of an event this large in signature that it left a sign in the sky by the matrix and portends of an event to arise again.

Blood red moon snapped over NYC...

What have I done in this time line so immense that it generated a death moon in an event so large which did not take place yet. 

Nuff Said