Monday, August 29, 2016

the hemorrhage of from every societal pore

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For most of you children and brats, you will not understand why worshiping satan is a bad thing, although most of you will immediately recoil from it by instinct as something wrong.


The Lame Cherry is going to explain this simply, as no one else will. I will do it with science so you understand the cause and effect.

This satan worship has been going on behind closed doors for some time by the elite. It was a matter though when a majority of Christians still maintained the Christ presence in America, that a great deal of this was held back. It all changed though with throwing Jesus off His Throne in the White House, and installing a false messiah Obama, as this was a deliberate act of the majority, and as one can understand by the curses of Deuteronomy 28 which are appearing like an avalanche, that outward rejection of God produced a cause and effect, as God will not empower evil, and when people in free will in the majority choose national sins of their worship in sodomy and aborticide, those are abominations God will not protect.
God will allow that nation to be destroyed by the evil as it becomes complete.

America now has many false gods. The Isalmic moon diety allah, various yoga, hindu, buddhist, witchcraft to luciferianism all displace God, and infuriate God, as reflecting things of nature, yourself or demons are things which will die or degrade, and no person reflecting by worship of that, will ever be saved by God, as God is Life and those choices are death.

We are in a world which people were given domination over, but satan hijacked it. God began with Israel a plan of redemption in the physical which turned to Spiritual with Jesus the Christ, in wresting from this world the dominion stolen by satan.

The world we are in, has energies, or spirits which are principalities, or ruled by princes, dominions, evil forces affecting leaders in high places, and the "power of the air" or the basic enticement of thoughts of pleasure to rage which appeal to each person and affect them to take steps that destroy them.

satan or demons just do not show up and possess people. It is a process, and an agreement in which people accept or give in to another evil will.

When Christians worship in Churches, they produce a blessing or empowerment wave which prospers a nation from the womb, to the field, to the business to the bank, because honesty is the base of this in following God's Laws in not stealing things from others to get your lust fulfilled.
America had a pattern of horrid weather until Christians began to dominate. for around 100 years the weather in America had exceptions of bad events, but in the past few decades tornadoes even began ravaging through cities, where they never touched before. It is cause and effect. Empower evil and evil happens. Empower God and good happens.

The more satan is worshiped, the more this evil group of demons is empowered. It is why there are epidemic rises now in demonic possession, because the safeguards are off with Obama in the White House and the image rules there. Catholics are having the literal devil of the time as their Pater Pope works for satan as the false prophet.

You must understand that every nation used to have standards. Yes there were always the weak who were fucking, drinking, doping and stealing, even small masturbation ways, but being hidden away it only affected the person or group involved. What has changed now though is possession and place in the nation, and those who used to be protected from the full force of evil, because the family attended Church and prayed daily, are no longer protected because the churches are dead with sodomy, and now in full amplification the small sins in private are now flaming sodomites raping each other and butchering each other in murder.

Blacks have a particular problem as is evidenced in Christianity has ceased and their false messiah is sowing murder among them as in Chicago. People get what they choose to ally themselves with. The Obama regime has been global violence and murder, so why should not the organized community of Chicago be a festering satanic sore of genocide for Blacks, because that is what they chose in Obama.

This is a Spiritual War, and if you have not noticed all of those braggart "spiritual warriors " from a few years ago have all disappeared in their touting that they were up to the task. The reality is they were fools, self deluded and had no idea what they were doing, besides self aggrandizement. The evil that is America happened under their warrior banner and everyone of them have been exposed as fools and failures.

What the outcome of all of this is, you will witness more overt evil as it prays on the ignorant, from legalized child rape to the possessed  look of malevolent insanity being the common occurrence.

This is what happens when trusting good people, give up on Christian discipline in thinking others can do it, while they go golfing ro watch porn, and the tools of satan seize power in government and degrade Christian Virtue to a nation divided under many demons.

Can this be rectified? The Bible's directions for the mob seizing power and wiping out all of this evil and those who practice it, is the solution. Attempting it without revolution though will get you deader than Isaiah sawn in two on the altar by King Manasseh, so your options are you are under spiritual siege, in a spiritual war and there is not going to be any peace, and you just like Lot will be so degraded that you will offer your virgin daughters to the sodomite rapists to appease them.

This is the Western People's reality. They are a seared apostate majority of 2/3rds are Godless conduits of satan. If God does not have mercy in Donald Trump somehow giving His children some cover to begin rolling this evil back, then dead America will not arise, and you will be genocided too.

This is nothing new. The same sins now legalized in America and Europe, are the same sins which their foreparents engaged in, in the 13 tribes of Israel, and were slaughtered and exiled for it. It will occur again.

My purpose has been to save 6 out of 10 Americans, instead of the Biblical 1 out of 10 which your Samarian foreparents experienced in genocide. I sought for a culling of evil and not the genocide of the peoples of Europe and America. The fools though do not support this and at this moment I feel a great deal of it slipping away, as there are too many events to stop the hemorrhage of from every societal pore.

satan will not destroy his minions, but use his minions to genocide everyone to thwart God's Plan. It reminds me of an interview of a teenager in Rapid City South Dakota who worshiped the devil and his remark was telling, "With God I have to wait for things I ask, but with satan I get things immediately".

satan produced the Obama regime, and then entire neocon Clinton Bush Cruz fraud. satan will give it's nation all the pleasure it will revel in, to genocide it, in it's own sin. That is what is eroding America every day, and it is washing out faster with each passing day.

There is one God, in the Father and His Word, Jesus the Christ. Remove the Christ and the satanic power will fill the void and national death follows. That is the reality of history and science.