Monday, August 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton Destroying More People's Lives

All too familiar: Weiner was caught in his second sexting scandal in the middle of his run to be NYC mayor (above at a news conference after the scandal in July 2013 with Abedin)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So what do you get when you add one Godless Hillary to one Muslim Huma, divide by one apostate Jew in Anthony Wiener, in the 2016 campaign of Clinton Kaine, in full leftist feminism on display?

Huma is a wife who has shirked her wifely duties. If she was home, instead of sexing lesbian Hillary and on the road all the time, then her husband would be drained of bodily fluids, passed out at night, and looking to validate himself in politics or business, instead of stuck at home being Mr. Mommy, needing attention from guys pretending to be women online while the baby lays on the bed.

The Lame Cherry has compassion on Anthony Wiener, as this man has been so abused by Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton that the only thing he could do, was start posting pictures online of himself, going to the extreme of adding his baby, knowing he was going to be exposed, caught, and inflict upon his main adversary in Hillary Clinton in destroying her campaign in the HOPE that he would get his wife back.

Huma the Muslim though, has chosen her pervert lesbian boss and the position it affords, instead of her responsibilities of being a mother and a wife.

Ponder all of this in Hillary Clinton in what kind of woman she is. She is a woman who so invalidated her husband that he was a non stop letch, so castrated Bill, that he went off raping women, and now Hillary Clinton has shattered another marriage.........and think of how many other women who Hillary has shattered in their marriages from Vince Foster's wife to producing a child with Webb Hubble named Chelsea.

Hillary Clinton is the same in public as in private. A Christian woman would have told Huma, that Huma's marriage was most important in protecting that child and dealing with Anthony. There could have been work leave worked out, where Huma could have Skyped by phone, as Ivanka Trump noted how the Trump group provides for working mothers.
But with Mrs. Clinton it was all about her, and that selfishness was absorbed by Muslim lesbian Huma, and all that was left for Anthony Wiener was trying in desperation to get caught, so this would all meltdown, so he could stop being a cuckold and gain some semblance of a man.

That is the forensic psychological profile of Anthony Wiener. I do not have to like Anthony Wiener to feel compassion for him. If Mr. Wiener was a Christian, and not an apostate Jew, found the love of Christ, and had right wing associations like Donald Trump, and not the cucks of the right, he could become the complete man who is as sound as Charles Schumer in controlling the vice which appeals to him, because Anthony Wiener is an abused husband like Bill Clinton, and they were created by their leftist wives who cut their nuts off daily and rubbed their faces in it, that they were not man enough.

So do not be suckered into the cuck right mockery of Anthony Wiener or the disgust of the feminist left, because each of you have suffered this same abuses as women and men, in this same self centered political drama, and it will only destroy each of you more completely with Hillary and Huma at 1600 Penn Avenue.

For a reality check, Anthony Wiener, if he could survive from having a barbell strangling him to death, should file a civil lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for destroying his marriage and driving him nuts.

No man or woman alive, could take this endless gay parade rubbed in their faces every day. There but for the Grace of God, go each of you, if you were Anthony Wiener.