Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Return of Donald Trump to the People

I eat cactus and sleep on a thistle bed.
I shit thorns and brush my balls with lava stones.
When Chuck Norris wants tough he calls me.
I am Stephen Bannon and you are......not me. 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a frank analysis of Donald Trump responding to that Ted Cruz harpie Reb Mercer and the advent of sticking Paul Manafort in DC, where he belongs with the other vote fraud election stealers like Paul Ryan and image Obama, and giving the lead to Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, meaning Mercer's boy, and to that poll clicker blonde, Kellyanne Conway.

Conway ignored me, so I don't like the shemale dogette. I don't trust her. I don't trust Mercer in buying Ted the Cubadian Cruz and I don't trust this Mercer coup.

I do though trust Donald Trump first and last. I trust that Mercer's clever voting programs are now working for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton's clever voting programs. I trust that Stephen Bannon is a right proper bastard like Andrew Breitbart, and I trust that Kellyanne Conway gets how to talk to Donald Trump and not change Mr. Trump, but provide him the information to nuance the message to connect with the voters better.

It all comes down to my advice from the start in letting Trump be Trump. The exact strategy which Corey Lewandowski was going with.

There are too many people trying to tell Donald Trump obvious shit that he knows as he sits on the throne doing the flushing. Mr. Trump simply needs to do what he does in giving people hope, being who they expect to see, entertaining them with his satire and being the man he is.

Donald Trump is like John Wayne. You go to a John Wayne movie to see a Western, not a damned FBI Branigan movie. Donald Trump is like Bruce Willis. You go  to a Willis movie to see action, not to see him being ball cut by Michelle Pfieffer or whatever her name is, with Jews in the background trying to ride his coat tails.

So you see who Donald Trump is. You know him. He comforts you, and when the last week of the voting takes place, people will look at sick, old, dying, criminal, murderous Hillary Clinton and that is worth 10 points to Donald Trump as people look around and say, "I don't want that fucking Gary Johnson with a brain on dope and I think Jill Stein has a good heart, but loving terrorists to death gets my ass raped, so I am voting for Donald Trump."

Now we have the way things ought to be. Donald Trump leading, with a pollster who is polling and a manager who is ready to lift Hillary Clinton's skirt and show what a nasty snatch she really has, and bitch slapping all these traitors like Ben Shapiro and whatever that other excrement is.

Mercer software was used against Mr. Trump, now that software is being used for Mr. Trump. Do not miss that NSA malware message either which was about keeping the Obama vote fraud out of this e voting.

I don't have to trust the hired guns or the crooks, because I trust Donald Trump.  They will do their job to save their asses, and that is what this is all about.

I am ready for packs and saddles at 3 AM to run Hillary Clinton to ground, as we got the youth, the stamina, the health and the momentum. It is time to bury the traitors and Big Jared is back doing the blood libel thing which had to be done.

It is good news as we get our President Donald Trump back and we are going to have a merry olde time for the next few months crushing our enemies and grinding them under our heels.

Note to Reb Mercer: Put that fumducker Mike Pence into state fairs with a corndog in his hand, as that is all he is good for. Maybe some Afroids will beat his ass for a headline and a sympathy vote, as he is not doing a blessed thing and sure as shit stinks no one likes him, and all he is good for is eating corndogs.