Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Richard M. Nixon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is troubling to witness the degradation of the legacy of Richard Nixon, by those coup forces who succeeded in bringing his Presidency down, who were a coalition of Kennedy's and Communists.

What was once the Nixon Policy Center is now some watered down think tank of the very coup plotters, and now the Nixon Library has been seized upon to focus on the smearing of the dear President, in the way New Yorkers piss on Grant's Tomb.

Yes the focus of the Nixon library is now Watergate in the fiction to protect the coup plotters. By comparison in the Bill Clinton library, his impeachment is allowed to portray the fiction that it was all a political scheme by Bill's enemies.

(The William J. Clinton Presidential Library, also run by the National Archives but built with $165 million in private donations through the Clinton Foundation, includes a section dedicated to the 42nd president’s impeachment. It depicts the investigation as a political witch hunt.)

Richard Nixon was thee most pivotal genius of the 20th century. His policies formed the American Doctrine from 1950 to the Obama overthrow. The only problems America has ever experienced is when those in the Oval Office abandoned the leadership Nixon provided.
Ronald Reagan's great successes in domestic and foreign affairs were all based upon Nixon White Papers.

The disasters which speak of America's doom all relate to ending or changing a Nixon policy.

Jimmy Carter Islamic Militantism
George HW Bush Mideast Stability
Bill Clinton mismanagement of the former Soviet
George W. Bush in Nation Building
Barack Obama in communist organized states.

None of these things are Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon though was the most interesting of political minds. He was born a poor homely child, who never got a break. He was constantly denied and had to work for all he had 10 times over. This was the Richard Nixon who would bomb the bajesus out of  communists to stop a war and in the same era found the EPA to protect American health as Teddy Roosevelt would.

Richard Nixon was right in Watergate was a coup, but now the same coup plotters have removed their criminal actions against this President in the public knowing, and it falls again like all Truth to those who were there and those who know the Truth.

For years, the museum’s Watergate exhibit, approved by Nixon himself, depicted the scandal as a “coup” orchestrated by Nixon enemies and unethical journalists. 

I still have a long ago Christmas ornament from the Nixon Library which makes me smile yet. I was beating back liberals as a child in defending Richard Nixon and still am at it in educating the public in not allowing one iota of the smear to stand. The day will come when Nixon Now will be a cult hero of all that stand for America, for what destroys America now, is what destroyed the Nixon Presidency.