Monday, August 29, 2016

The Skin Trade

Editor's Note: This will probably be a stand alone post as the content is that important to not be diluted in a wash of numerous Lame Cherry postings today.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whenever I listen to the Nigger Racism of someone like American Don Cheadle, attacking Donald Trump as a "drumpf" or the Alt Right as "troglodytes", I am perplexed how the monumental ignorance of the masses has engulfed the necessary evacuation process from this too crowded theater on fire, in those racist morons like Cheadle screaming, "Trample the one person showing the exit."

What is "wrong" with the world is not by accident, but by design. But the money changers, meaning the Chambers of Commerce and the Bankers, have violated the basic principles of economic growth.

Let us visit a period in history in the early 19th century as an example.

America at that time was a Yankee ship trading nation. Meaning Americans carried goods to China and Cuba, traded them and brought them back to America or Europe for profits. Which made America extremely rich and is the basis for the phrase, "My ship came in".

England at the time though was spending a fortune on her Navy to protect her empire. Her ships were not trading and those low cost goods were destroying English industry. So England was fused in a death grip of sugar on colonial lands linked to the slaves for profit to farm the sugarcane.

This is the right and left of economics. Either one produces goods or one trades in humans for profit. One is good and one is evil, as one lifts the standard of living and the other destroys the standard of living of nations.

In another time, from 1700 to 1950 in America, production is what created wealth in America. As America made things their people purchased and others in the world purchased. This began to change in the 1970's when oil and the dollar were linked which degraded the standard of living in America, but through inflation made conglomerate finance, as super conglomerate finance. A millionaire before this period was extremely wealthy, but once inflation destroyed the economic base of production, then a billion dollars became cheap. Money did not increase in value, but decreased, due to the amount of inflated currency in the world.

I explain this all, to gain your understanding that nations are no longer creating products in balances of trade. It used to be a Yankee thing to want to make a product that a billion Chinese would want to buy, and make a dollar profit for 1 billion dollars in mass production. In  the Obama years though, the new mantra is not to raise the standard of living of Muslims, Africans and Asians to buy American products or European production, but instead the bankers have decided to import rapist and murdering hordes to provide the "consumer economic expansion", which is the same disaster of the slave trade which ruined the Arabs, ruined the Roman Empire and ruined the British Empire.
Importing human refuse which simply consumes billions of dollars of food they are not producing, is not an economic plus for any economy, whether it be Japan, America or Germany. All that it accomplishes is recreating the George H. W. Bush disaster of modernizing China.

The modernizing of China, India and Indonesia with 3 billion souls, was by design not to bring affordable goods to the West, but to use Asian slave labor in exploiting it, by robbing Westerners by Walmart shopping. It simply concentrated wealth, and Asia modernizing all wanted the same fuels and raw materials, which inflated prices again and impoverished Western peoples even faster.

Import a shipload of lumber to Japan, and Japan creates wonderful consumer products making itself rich. Import a shipload of invaders, and Japan's commerce steals from the Treasury to welfare fund this horde, which steals from the Japanese people, and impoverishes the nation faster, as there is not work for these hordes, as robotics are taking those jobs.

So the ultimate reason for this from the cartel mafia is to impoverish all peoples, to the same slave status, so they will not have the funds to compete in the political process or fund a revolution to fight the drones. It is the state of the modern gulag without Queen Victoria's maxim of protecting her Citizens. The Slavs are the only peoples intent on protecting their native peoples any longer, and the rest from image Obama, Merkel, Hollande are instead intent on destroying the native populations, and genocidal conduits as Don Cheadle living in his luxury as rich black man, add to the din, so that the masses being bombarded with so much information, never have the opportunity to understand that the pied piper is leading the rats they are to their own doom, no matter the race, as when this all progresses it will be the same mass genocide by WMD's for all, no matter the skin color, as this is the currency of the skin trade.

This concludes this Lame Cherry White Paper explaining the reality which all of us are locked behind the steel gates of this prison. The correct economics is to raise the standard of living of all, and sell to peoples in their own nations, thereby not burdening the productive nations, but producing what history has shown is the best solution for the best life for humanity.

The economic engine of this world has deliberately been designed to pump carbon monoxide into the cab of all of our lives to gas us to death. Donald Trump is the only solution to stop the choking of this flooded engine and removing the gas hose from inside our economic vehicles to a better future.

That is the reality.