Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Staff of Life

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I was looking through Rense headlines and happened upon this one:

Raw Milk Prevents Infections, Boosts Immunity

I happened upon something when I was sick to death by accident in Mom had frozen in her freezer a bag of goat colostrum which I used. For those who do not know, all mammals, including humans produce colostrum in the first milkings and it is necessary for most to ingest this for the necessary bacteria in order to survive as it begins the gut to work in absorbing nutrients.
It is why babies never get sick for the first weeks as it is this antibiotic infused milk from the mother which keeps the young protected from the disease infested world.

My suggestion is if you drip money, that it might be a reality that you should try if you are suffering from illnesses to locate a source of colostrum from fresh cows. Fresh means a cow which has just given birth.

It is usually a thick, sticky, yellowish liquid, and goats do produce it, but it probably would be hard to come by except by a greater expense. Dairy cows though produce volumes of this stuff and if you could find a dairy which was not feeding Monsanto corn and the cows were in stalls all day, that milk would be worth adding to your diet.
Ask a farmer, tell them what you want it for in your health needs it, and most will be quite accommodating, providing you are prompt in the day of picking it up and paying for it. I would suspect that a text alert would be proper and a pre arranged time for you to appear.

You can keep it frozen, and if it gets lumps, do not freak as that would be normal in most milk in the butterfat content. It should keep in CLEAN containers in cold storage though for about 2 weeks. I would think about 8 ounces in the morning NOT HEATED, on cereal or drank would be the correct dose.

I will offer this caveat on the above in if you have milk allergies like some popular girl, that raw milk can cause problems. I got pleurisy from drinking gallons of milk from our old cow Leona who was one of the first cows I want to see in Heaven. I used to drink a quart at every meal, and a quart while I ate half a jar of oatmeal cookies.........God in Heaven I used to put away food like I had a colony of  tape worms.

While I was drinking this Leona milk though, thick cream on my cereals........oh my God, Cheerios with a pile of sugar were a food group.....shit would kill me now in the poisons in Cheerios, but I never had a canker sore for a decade, so this raw milk will ward off things.

For a full history I would say that my dad almost worked me to death and when my body broke down, it collapsed hard with quite a few conditions and the cankers came back which I caught from the old man in drinking from the same water dipper as child.....but raw milk has the staff of life in it, and there are regenerative powers in colostrum....hell of a lot better than blood  infusions for billionaires as you are what you eat.

I hope that helps or is at least something you can consider if it is in your ballpark.

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