Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dear Old Traitor John McCain

John McCain arrived at Jackson Naval Air Station on March 18, 1973 ...

McCain Treasonous Radio Speech For N. Vietnam

I desired to pass this Gaytube recording along for people to listen to, as it is John McCain from when he was a POW in North Vietnam. It is from a Rense site link, and it is important that every American listen to this radio recording which John McCain made for the communist enemies of America during that war.

Factually, John McCain should have face court martial for treason in betraying America, giving aid and comfort to the enemy and then taken out and hung like a dog for what he states in this recording.

Seriously traitor McCain, states he has received wonderful treatment from the torturers....which he did in fact as other Americans were murdered and tortured. He also blames the United States for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

This is the real John McCain and why Donald Trump and every other informed person took a stand against this traitor. After I was recently attacked by a veteran who thought he could use that as a maul to beat me with into submission, I will no longer EVER allow any of these uniform wearers off the hook with "they served" bullshit.

John McCain self served. He was paid a high wage, had every creature comfort, his crimes were covered up, and he stood by like most of these uniform wearers or actually helped the cartel in the establishment of the American Genocide.

You name one Veteran besides Terry Lakin who stood up to Obama and ruined himself for America? Every last one of them took the bribes for re enlistment and other enticements, and allowed the enemies of America to destroy America.

I personally am done in thanking Veterans for their service. Those old fools in their caps were the problem and are the problem. They were trained for war to protect America, and it was few and far in between who did anything in even opening their mouths.

Sure everyone believed the propaganda in it was all Patriotism and not the financiers slaughtering our best and robbing our pockets, but there comes a time when responsibility has to be taken, and when someone starts bitching at me for being vulgar and they are the ones responsible for the America which is now hunting me, and it is my life which has been put on the line in this resistance while they all protect their luxury life, I have no more time for any of this disgrace.

I saw one of those grinning buffoons in their Vet hat from Vietnam today, and if I was there now after thinking about this John McCain video, I would ask the old fuck, as his life was over, why doesn't he do something for America for the first time in his life as a Patriot, instead of acting the hero now looking for adoration in having propped up every damn regime that brought us Birthercide.

Just listen to this traitor John McCain. I doubt it will get much of a response from most of you, as treachery is so prevalent now, that being a traitor just goes unnoticed.

Men were broken in Vietnam. Fed fucking cabbage or pumpkin soup for months at a time. Kept in bamboo cages. Roped until their joints pulled loose. Hung by the ceilings and bounced until piss, shit and saliva dripped out of them daily in "questioning", and psychologically destroyed, and there is John McCain making recordings for those communists who are doing the same fucking thing now against Donald Trump and his supporters with the same plans.

.......and here I move on point because of all the cowards pretending they are in the fight, when all they are is keyboard commandos protecting the traitors.
Did the head of the VFW get canned for attacking Donald Trump? Hell no!!!

Just go back to your God damned illusions as that is all the majority of you are good for in being hat racks for military caps.

McCain Slams Vets' Anti-Kerry Ads - CBS News

I just hope these uniform wearers live long enough for the Russian invasion as they will pin some medals on them they deserve.