Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Vichy American

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I can assure all of you, that most of you are going to come to an America which the survivors are going to find they are in the American Iron Curtain and the dead will die trying to get to that point.

The reality in this is simple, in either Donald Trump by God's Grace becomes President or each of you will be dead or begging for death in your Escape from LA existence.

There is going to come a time though as in Vichy France when society will break down and there will be no more police state hunting you or terrorizing you, as an invader is going to be the focus for the dying regime.

It is at that point that each of you is going to have around you numbers of traitors who brought all of us to this point in being traitors to America by being Hillary Clinton's 5th Column bringing the Americans to the inner hell.
They will smile at you, demand food from you, demand protection from you, and no doubt will probably have little storm troopers around them stealing your food, kicking you out of your beds and demanding to sex your cat or your ass.

So as nothing can be done now as no one would advocate that, it would be a proper thing to remember the list of leading traitors at this point, for a time with a People's Court could administer justice, or in right measure, hand them over to Vladimir Putin's Speznat to administer their kind of justice in a grave which is being constructed for you.

See the secret of this American gulag is it is so big and the traitors are so many, that the rugged individuals are isolated and helpless and that is why the gulag of treachery works. In a more concentrated camp time though, you will have your memories now of all of those who ruined your lives and with Russians or Chinese ruling, for a later time.

Oh and if by God's Grace Donald Trump does become President, remind yourselves to show no mercy and demand that Mr. Trump does more than Sean Hannity in calling out and blaming these traitors.

To the point in this, if George Jorge Bush can man up in Texas to save his ass and tell people to vote for Donald Trump, then these traitors below which include his old man, could be Americans, instead of the Vichy American. 

Jeb Bush's Son George P. Bush Endorses Donald Trump - Us Weekly

... Donald Trump, but his son George P. Bush urged Republicans to ... I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I will support principled ...

1. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse

2. 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

3. Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk

4. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger

5. Former Presidential Candidate And Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

6. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

7. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake

8. Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent

9. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham

10. New York Rep. Richard Hanna

11. Maine Senator Susan Collins

12. Mark Levin

13. Erick Erickson

14. Bill Kristol

15. Dave Blount

16. Ben Shapiro

17. Glenn Beck

18. Matt Walsh

19. Ted Cruz

20. Koch Brothers

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