Tuesday, August 9, 2016

White Flux: The Danger of NYC824


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post is on NYC824 in a reality check that each of you is going to have to face in this screen which you are looking at have a 6 in 10 chance will be blue screen on the 24th. So for you wealthy non donors who think you can hide, the nuclear light is going to find you sooner or later.

I have more on this in the coming days, but in flash checking those behind this are nervous. The bomb builders have lost their desire in thinking of all they which are about to die. There is something in inquiry about a secondary target consideration, but as this is designed for one location for multiple use, a second event is being rejected.
By God's Grace the time line has been altered, but there is still as of this moment on Tuesday morning a 4 in 10 chance this will still take place.

I do not........I have not had the time to examine why, but since this became something of focus, I have been completely drained and I am having to work harder to focus. Assessment points to I am being affected by the time line. That much life force I/R hundreds of thousands or millions of dead, being exterminated is drawing down my life force. I can feel them. I can feel you clawing to life and that is a number of souls trying to stay alive and as I am in the matrix it is taking energies from me.

There is a great effect out there, more massive than 9 11 in that primal scream. I did not .............can not find the correct word here......I did not anticipate (thank you Holy Ghost) I did not anticipate this effect upon me.

This though is not about me. It is about your understanding the raw data in this, as while the Lame Cherry has spoken of how to create a secondary grid cheaply, the GOP has the EMP plank in their platform and Newt Gingrich is well aware of this need, it takes time. The project can not be done without Donald Trump in office, so I will lay this out for you, so your wee minds will create a jolt of fear which can actually have you doing something positive than just being lumps on a keyboard.

When a nuclear device detonates, it creates many things from heat which makes air pressure waves to electronic effects from EMP to lightning storms. You know what a surge protector is on your computer from lightning strikes, but you need to comprehend something which I will explain in the Lame Cherry Effect.

This is New York. This is Con Ed. This is a region of 50 plus million people with electric homes.

Where does that electricity come from? It comes from massive power plants surging twice as much electricity into the lines, in order to get the 120 into your homes.

Now consider a nuclear device in the biggest concentration of electrical use in a combined billions of volts. What happens as in an EMP event, when the bomb starts pushing back electricity against the power plants pushing electrical charge?

The answer is the lines will heat up, the transformers will explode and this will carry to the substations which will overload  and most likely detonate too.

So you are going to have a number of fires beginning and what no one has yet figured out yet is, those Con Ed power plants are not going to shut down immediately. They will continue to produce that massive charge filling the line, with 10 million users cut off.
What will then take place is a WHITE FLUX or the exact opposite of the Brown Out, meaning all of those homes are going to have a surge of electricity over charging all of your appliances, and burning them out and blowing them out, because this is not like surge protector, but is an amplified charge which will make your lights glow 10 times brighter and your appliances burning out on that charge.

Now project this out as the power grids are all interconnected. Meaning that in peak periods Con Ed gets electric from Ohio etc... and in other periods the Con Ed energy flows into Ohio and other states.

What happens in the White Flux? After it burns out the connections in New York, all that electricity is still like lightning, looking for a place to ground, and that means the surge starts flowing out spiking Canada and the eastern United States.

We witnessed this over a decade ago in Canada in their power grid surged and started affecting the American grid. It is not like even with automatic circuit breakers at the main junctions that this is something which can be immediately stopped, because all regions are generating power and keep generating power. Electricity is faster than a circuit breaker as it has proven.
To put this bluntly, if the main transmission lines become breached as in the Canadian incident, what takes place in New York will reach Ottawa, Quebec and Chicago faster than it took you to read this. If Chicago surges and trips, that will set off the Minneapolis and Kansas City hubs, which are direct feeds to the plains state generators.

What I am stating is, this is not theory as it has taken place in Canada and into the American northeast in a much more limited event. It does not take an EMP event to create a power grid overload. What NYC824 in the probabilities are a state event, becoming a regional event.
We simply do not have the data or war games to ascertain if this would shut down the entire North American connected grid.

If this is a widespread event, some of you will not see electricity for years or for how long you are able to survive without electricity. Others closer to the source may not see the lights on for weeks. Further out in the remote Trump country, it may be hours or days. If this reaches the West Coast and Texas though, the problem compounds to amplify the effect.

In comprehending this is a problem which will cut off your crucial Facebook time, your porn and whatever else you can afford to do, should be generating a back charge inside of you, which is now generating to the matrix in resistance of this event, which is your actually doing something positive for the first time in your selfish lives.

Oh so this is like you are thinking (no you are not as you are not that intelligent) in someone in the regime creating a false charge for Dick Allgire to pick up, who then generates it into a common thought to progress it to an NYC824 premature event, but some popular girl wades into the matrix storm, begins deflection operations and then creates a reverse pulse, utilizing your low beam wattage being combined into a fear charge to resist the building regime charge.

I suppose I should post this today as the further out my operations have to operate in saving worthless skin suits makes this all easier, so you can then return to your porn and other important events.

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