Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Violence of Khizr Khan

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Something needs to be understood in this that Patty Doyle of the Rense Program has been tracking massive mysterious flights of civilian jets into obscure US airports for a very long time. So when the Obama official count is 10,000 terrorists, what is the "unofficial" count which UPS has been delivering to America?

It has to be understood that a million terrorists at least have disappeared from Europe. One does not just lose a million terrorists, but in the example of the Somali's which just murdered a slice of American mutton in Londonstan, is the reality.

In America, Somali's have been dumped all over America, but interestingly the sort of all ended up in the sewer drain of Minneapolis St. Paul in Minnesota in the hundreds of thousands. These are the terrorists fighting jihad and the jihadists which were training for 9 11 flights in Muslims.
What the point is, how many of these Muslims never were supposed to stay in Europe, but have been unofficially pouring into American Muslim "sanctuary cities", like the one which Khizr Khan administers for vote fraud in Terry Macauliff's Virginia for Obama /Clinton.

It would be nice if Mark Levin in his Burka City, would stop making jihad on the Trump Goy, and join Donald Trump in saving America from this terror invasion, because where there is one rat, there are 1000, just like the Mexicans. We simply do not know how many terrorists are flying into America or ending up in Carolina in Cosco container ships.

That is the reality in this which no one is speaking of.

It is Ben Shapiro asstard to say that Obama is not going to ban knives as weapons after the Londonstan attack nor issue warnings to Americans to stay the hell out of Europe, but it is the reality that the sand nigger has evolved, as has the regime propaganda, in now Muslim terrorism is "a mental illness" as the sand niggers have picked up their natural implements of knives, instead of guns.

It is comforting to know that 1.3 billion humans now suffer from the mental illness of Islam, and one image is in the White House and the other is running for President on the stolen Sanders Democratic nomination as Hillary Clinton.

If you want to see the face of the murder Islam, it is Khizr Khan, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, because this is the human traffick reflection. Obama Clinton did not do one thing to stabilize any Muslim regions, but have instead destabilized all of these regions, and this is what has poured all these diseased murdering rapists into the West, now thinking that all the selfie females are whores to raped, because they want it.
Khizr Khan is the financial end of this in making 500,000 dollars off of this group of "refugees" who buy United States Citizenship, so they can be like him and go IED waving Constitutions around at Donald Trump in jihad.

So you get this, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between the violence of Khizr Khan and the violence in London. Khan waved the Constitution around, slashing it through the air at Donald Trump, and in London a Muslim waved his knife around slashing an American woman.

Mr. Trump has now stated SAFE REGIONS will be set up inside Syria with Russia, in order to deport all of these Obama terrorists back to the Mideast and it will be paid for by Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia. For the Dave Blount, Erick Erickson cucks for Clinton, I will solve this in how this will be paid for.
There will be a tariff on all OPEC oil coming into America, paid by these terror states, and that money will be used to maintain these safe regions.
There is a marvelous region where the Israelites were exiled to thousands of years ago, in a perfect triangle to contain them. No one on this planet is better suited to dealing with Muslim savages than President Bashir Assad with oversight by President Vladimir Putin.

That Muslim murderer did not just appear in London. There was a Khizr Khan making a fortune off of his importation like the slave trade, and there is an image Obama behind it all for the genocide of the Western Peoples protecting it all.

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