Thursday, August 4, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now for some pleasure.

TL and I began the day by having to go back to the city, as we forgot creamer. I have a dislike for coffee, but if you put into it raspberry chocolate creamer, I am quite fond of it.

It was a good thing, as yesterday I noticed a box of china for like 10 dollars on a 25 cent sale, so I picked them up. TL was telling me about more plates, but I misunderstood, so when we cruised back through, TL said, "Those plates are still there from the set", so I rounded up the boss and we now have this saucer, cups, soup bowls, regular bowls and plates with these gothic farm scenes on them for a quarter.

Any way, Richard and Stephanie, along with numbers of others of you were kind after my whiner post and shared some things, so I  thought I would share the music lovers tale, as it pleases me when people get things for themselves as I can be along and enjoy too in Spirit literally.

They purchased in bandito territory a Ruger 10/22. I like Rugers a great deal as they are fine firearms of the best quality. This is a semi automatic in 22 rimfire and they wore official Lame Cherry t shirts to the range to make it all a real NSA moment.

All of the gun experts  will tell you a 22 is nothing, but as Finn Aagard wrote long ago in his beloved Brno 22 rifle in Africa, that 22 has killed everything from Dik Dik to Cape Buffalo, because people can not resist putting bullets into things precisely and making clean kills.
It reminds me of a story long ago, about a woman camping in bear country, grizzly country, in her tent alone and 6 bears walked in on her, and she promptly shot them all dead with a 22 to their brains. Some women do need their beauty sleep I suppose as they get cranky.

That is the thing in a 22, in if you gain confidence in it, it will kill and distract with the greatest of protection as a 22 to the knee will make one forget about rape I forgot about things except cussing today when Baby Belle whacked me on the knee cap with her pretty little horns, shewing away flies.
Horn to bone, steel to bone and lead to bone hurts like hell, and when the bullet hits the brain bone, people forget all sorts of things as brain is like cottage cheese and explodes with lead and bone impact, and then starts hemorrhaging to stop erections of those seeking to hemorrhage your brains.

But onto nicer things in the 22 eats a great deal of ammo in target shooting. Is amazing how fast a brick or  those now 500 plus cartons of shells disappear, and that is not pleasing as Obama has most of that ammo in scarce supply now deliberately disarming Americans.

My 22 likes Winchester hollow points and is what I prefer, but at the moment, I like whatever I could get my hands on, as I think I have shot 20 predators this year in box traps..........speaking of which I have to shoot a skunk which we captured last night finally. If they did not carry rabies I would leave the beasties in peace, but they are just like damned Muslims showing up all over the place non stop.

As you can see the 10/22 can be made to look like an assault rifle, which is a non term, as the correct term is military grade. I am not much on fruit clips getting in the way, as if you can not get out of your situation with 6 shots, you probably should have run away from the start.

I am pleased for Richard and Stephanie and all of you who get things you enjoy, whether it is smokes or things that smoke out the barrel or sitting by lakes with hibiscus. That is what the money you have is for to enjoy things before the Lord. God wants you happy and pleased with things, and it requires more effort now to do that, so people need to take time for themselves with God and do the better things in life.

I envision a time now when Stephanie will be surfing online through pages of guns, and getting clerks to take down guns for her to throw to her shoulder and she will speak French at them, to their confusion, as she translates, "When Charles DeGaulle taught my Mother to shoot in the Foreign Legion, he always stressed the correct stock fit and cognac afterwards".
And when they try to act smart, she will answer them in French with, "Garçon, vous ne serez jamais atteindre la cible avec moi."..........and when he looks confused she will say with a smile at his attempt at intelligence, "That is what Mrs. DeGalle used to say too".

I guess that is enough of my bad French as I would not want that keeping anyone awake like bad music.

We got a best of the 80's CD for a buck, so have been listening to that. TL has this playing at the moment.

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