Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillary's Brain

"This is an image of a tissue abnormality caused by either a stroke or Glioblastoma - brain cancer." - Reportedly, a comment by Neurologist after examining the photo of the x-ray allegedly of Hillary Clinton's head

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above Xray is from Hal Turner's site. For those who do not know Hal Turner, he is an FBI asset who was sent in to control the Skinheads. I have no problem with the source, as he treated Lawrence Sinclair extremely professional in Mr. Sinclair's exposing Obama as a bi sexual, and anyone who can survive the FBI and the Skinheads in that balance, really has to be admired.

While the following scan looks real, I question the skull cap, as Hillary Clinton does not have the same cranial capacity.


What we do know for certain is this:

  • Hillary Clinton has a crater in her tongue
  • Hillary Clinton acts oddly in barking like a dog for example
  • Hillary Clinton suffers from brain freeze episodes
  • Hillary Clinton stumbles and falls regularly
  • Huma Abedin stated that Hillary Clinton was confused a great deal
  • Hillary Clinton naps before she sleeps at least 12 hours a day
  • Hillary Clinton has brain scarring from the blood clot in her brain
  • Hillary Clinton can not give a speech without clearing her throat from mucous 

None of these things are hearsay or manufactured evidence which can be disputed. Certain conditions could be dismissed previously as "allergies", but in her DNC speech of 55 minutes, she was clearing her throat for the last 20 minutes. This is something which should not be taking place as allergies will not be a factor in an elderly woman who is in air filtered rooms 24 hours a day.

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The points in the above, is these are the issues which we are aware of, which were caught on camera or were a private email from Huma Abedin. In Hillary Clinton's case, it is a reality that for every coughing fit she has had, there were 10 others no one has recorded. For every fall she has taken, there are 5 others which were not captured. For every brain freeze, there were a dozen others which were not revealed.

It is a reality that Hillary Clinton is aged beyond her 68 years. To not be satirical, the 3 AM phone call of 2008 is now an issue with Hillary Clinton, that at 3 AM she might not be able to wake up at that time and if she does, she may be so incoherent as Huma Abedin stated, that Mrs. Clinton might not know what a phone bell is.

There is one final question which all the Clinton supporters covering this up from Jeff Bezos at the Washington Post to a ranter like Mark Levin, and it is this, as you smear and lie about Donald Trump;

It is 3 AM and Russia has launched a nuclear strike on New York, Arlington, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami and Spokane, from actions Mrs. Clinton took in bombing targets in Syria which struck Russian jets.
There are 15 minutes to respond.
Do you want a Hillary Clinton that it takes Huma 4 minutes to wake up, 7 minutes to make coherent, for the 5 minutes it will take Sec. of State Panetta to explain that we are in a nuclear world war, as the last resort to protecting your city?

Given the fact that the bombs obliterating democract and cuckservative enclaves 1 minute before Mr. Panetta is finished with his presentation.

For your personal survival, let us cut the bullshit and agree that Obama has America in a Super Depression yet, that global war is building, and in this, Donald Trump is the only one who can keep Russia from pulling the trigger, as Hillary's brain is not up to this, Johnson's brain is on dope and Stein's heart is not going to wish Russian missiles away.

Hillary Clinton can read a speech. She does not have the capability of being President when it matters in your life and death. Gram Clinton belongs reading story books to her grandchild as this is an adult world and has no room for old women entering their second childhood.

Wishing for great things for Hillary Clinton is foolish and you only get one chance in nuclear war.