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Ryan Bundy's Magic Bullet from Dallas 1963

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Angie Huntington Bundy has shared with Jeff Rense an explosive letter addressed from Ryan Bundy to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which basically is an oversight by Justice and is evidence which has the potential of blowing the Gregory Bretzing case against the Bundy Group out of the water, because the night that Ryan Bundy was shot, for reasons I can not comprehend, JUSTICE DID NOT REMOVE THE BULLET IN MR. BUNDY'S SHOULDER.

I post the official letter below for you to read, but it appears that Justice now wants that bullet out of Ryan Bundy's shoulder and the only reason they would desire to have that bullet was as in the JFK case in IT DOES NOT MATCH Oregon State Police or FBI bullets.
Meaning that bullet is a make which would lead exactly to a weapon, exactly to an agency in the regime, which probably has not been listed officially and it might just be a bullet which belongs to the United States Military, which would be a criminal act by the Obama regime.

If this bullet was endangering Mr. Bundy, it should have been removed, even if it is a fragment, long ago. If memory serves, Ryan Bundy was shot early, and when Oregon State Police were holding him at the scene of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum, the OSP examined him and bandaged him, as they were not aware that someone had shot Bundy.

The main point is, they had full authority to remove the bullet in treatment, and with the kangaroo charges against the Bundy Group, they do not need evidence. Therefore the conclusion is that like in the Tim McVeigh situation with his partner turning over evidence of FBI involvement in the bombing to save his life, Justice in Loretta Lynch now has the problem in a bullet is inside Ryan Bundy, which is not from civil law enforcement or supposed to be issued or used by them, and leads to another group, which is trying to cover it's ass.

If this was a lead bullet, instead of full metal jacket, it would mean intent to kill and not apprehend. If the bullet is the wrong caliber or does not match bullets which were supposed to be there, then we have an Oswald magic bullet appearing.

The end point is, if Loretta Lynch wants this bullet, it is not out of kindness. It is because something is there which shows some regime group was there which has been covered up from the American People, and Justice wants to make that bullet disappear.

This was absolutely stupid in not removing that bullet on the night Bundy was shot, as Justice had full custody in it was their bullet and it could be stated it was necessary for treatment. Now it is Mr. Bundy's bullet, and Justice can not just go in and start carving on humans.

I will conclude this with if this is what it is postulated as, Ryan Bundy is in extreme danger now, as he is walking evidence, and a dead Finicum to cover up Clinton mining interests is the same in Ryan Bundy dying in his cell, and the autopsy cutting that bullet out, before the family is even notified.

It is the red flag. If Justice wants that metal, there is something in that which is criminal not in Ryan Bundy, but the regime, as Justice does not need bullet fragments to prosecute FBI agents in a cover up.

And by the headlines, the police state is already sending the message to rough Ryan Bundy up in rubber stick persuasion as Loretta Lynch has hammered Mr. Bundy immediately after receiving this letter.

This is not a coincidence.

Jail Staff: Oregon standoff defendant Ryan Bundy in scuffle

PORTLAND, Ore. — Authorities say Oregon standoff defendant Ryan Bundy was involved in an altercation with deputies when he refused to be hand…


Ryan Bundy Tells LynchConditions For Bullet Removal

FROM Angie Huntington Bundy:
August 7, 2016

For Profit Corporation
DUN and BRADSTREET # 011669674
# 071813046
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Greetings Loretta

I am in receipt of your offer to cut into my flesh and take/carry away an item in [my] possession. For the suggested transaction to take place without conditions would require a great amount of trust on [my] behalf but no trust on behalf of THE DOJ.

It has been implied that you represent a different branch of THE DOJ that unjustly ended the life of [my] dear friend [cf lavoy finnicum], unjustly attempted to prematurely end the live(s) of [myself, cf ryan bundy], [cf shawna cox], [cf ryan payne], [cf victoria sharp]. I do not have full faith that you have clean hands in these matters, as you are part of the body that committed these crimes against your fellow mankind.

It has come to [my] attention recently that three (3) of the nurses, that were employed, and possibly on shift, at the Harney County Hospital at the time [cf lavoy finnicum] was brought in to the hospital, are now “suspiciously” deceased. This causes [myself] and all mankind deep grief and grave concerns regarding your trustworthiness. One must not think hard to conclude that any man or woman, involved in your proposed “removal” of evidence from [my] custody, may find themselves to be in grave danger shortly after their participation in this proposed “removal”.

With this in mind i require you to act in good faith and fulfill the following conditions prior to [me] consenting to the proposed “removal”:

1. THE DOJ agrees to propose a chain of custody, with regards to item [my property] to be removed, from the physician to the final destination, the forensic scientist of [my] choosing. The proposed list must be approved by [me, cf ryan bundy].
2. THE DOJ agrees to a thorough background-check, conducted and produced by an independent criminal investigator, of [my] choosing, on each man or woman on the proposed chain of custody.
3. THE DOJ must provide a $90,000,000.00 policy/account/bond on the life and liberty of each, any and all man or woman on the proposed chain of custody of the item [my property] proposed to be removed.
4. THE DOJ agrees that i [cf ryan bundy] am the trustee of these policy(s)/account(s)/bond(s), with the authority to release, at [my] discretion, at any time to the immediate “family” members, the beneficiaries, if the life or liberty of the principal is impaired in any form or fashion.
5. THE DOJ agrees to bear full liability for the continued life and liberty of each man or woman on the proposed chain of custody of the item [my property] removed, for a period of time no less than ten (10) years.
6. THE DOJ agrees to release 100% of the $90,000,000.00 policy/account/bond if for any reason the life or liberty, of each man or woman on the proposed chain of custody of the item [my property] removed, ceases to continue or is altered in any way shape or form for a period of time no less than ten (10) years.
7. THE DOJ agrees, as an act of good faith, to release, without condition, from capture a/k/a jail, the mind, [body] and spirit of the man, the creation(s) of God:
(a) [cf ryan bundy] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(b) [cf ammon bundy] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(c) [cf david fry] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(d) [cf melvin bundy] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(e) [cf dave bundy] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(f) [cf travis cox] to prepare for September 7, 2016
(g) [cf peter santilli] to prepare for September 7, 2016
8. THE DOJ agrees to the following being present, as [my] witness, from start to finish of removal:
(a) [cf angela bundy]
(c) Videographer of [my] choosing
(d) Any and all [my] advisors
(e) A criminal investigator of [my] choosing
9. THE DOJ agrees to pay all medical cost of the removal procedure in addition to any and all travel expenses of [my] witnesses.
10. THE DOJ agrees the item to be removed is [my] property
11. THE DOJ agrees to pay [cf angela bundy] $1,000,000.00 fair and just compensation for the damage to [her] private trust property [cf ryan bundy], and is to be paid to [cf angela bundy] prior to scheduling procedure.
12. THE DOJ agrees that [my] property, the item to be removed, is [my] property and will merely be on loan to THE DOJ for the limited and sole purpose of transportation to [my] chosen forensic scientist.
13. THE DOJ agrees that [my] property, the item proposed to be removed, is to be returned to [my] possession within fourteen (14) days.
14. THE DOJ agrees that the procedure is valued at $6,300,000.00 and is to be paid to I, as equal substance, prior to the scheduling of the procedure.
15. THE DOJ agrees that the payment of $6,300,000.00 is for the proposed procedure only and does not in any way relieve THE DOJ, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, (any) SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE, (any) STATE PATROL, or any man or woman in their private capacity, who participated in the wrongdoing which lead to this item being forced into [my] flesh, of liability arising from civil or criminal charges being brought against them; nor does it relieve any of the mentioned from future liability as can be expected (long term damage).
16. THE DOJ agrees the burden of liability must not come from the fruits of the labor of we the people, but rather from the fruit of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’s own labors and profits, as it is a for profit corporation.
17. THE DOJ agrees that only i, and without question or argument, will determine in the future what symptoms are related back to this procedure.
18. THE DOJ agrees that the attending physician is to confer solely with [cf angela bundy] regarding any matters medical (ie medications during and after procedure) and THE DOJ agrees to abide with all privacy regulations and at no time is THE DOJ to give medical advice.
19. THE DOJ agrees that the procedure will not include any sedation of the mind, nor mind altering drugs or sleep inducing medications; I am to stay alert, aware, awake, conscious and uncompromised throughout procedure.

Let [me] be clear:

Terms and conditions numbers 1-6 are NOT NEGOTIABLE as there is no reasonable expectancy that your agency, who has dirty hands, can assure the safety of innocent lives without being held liable prior to their participation in this event.

Term and condition number 7 is NOT NEGOTIABLE as you currently act in bad faith by unlawfully caging your fellowman without recourse. You are doing so to ensure that each man listed is handicapped in such a way that you stand a chance of winning a matter you otherwise could not win without your cheating ways. You have no desire for a fair trial on

September 7, 2016.
Term and condition number 8 is NOT NEGOTIABLE as you have attempted and achieved murder, and i do not trust you.
Terms and conditions 9-19 are NOT NEGOTIABLE as you are dishonorable, and I do not trust your right hand to investigate your left hand.

NOTICE: These terms and conditions are not meant to be misconstrued as anything other than a message to YOU that YOU have taken enough without bringing equal substance. I will thank you and your agency for acting honorably toward [me] during this procedure, as I am an honorable man. Your silence is acceptance to [my] terms and conditions.

ryan c bundy;
man; all right reserve;
exempt from levy
Melina Bilodeau
Jaime Spears Aldazabal
Deb Jordan
Joe Slider
Tammy Hill
Lisa Bundy
Kelli Stewart
Lindsay Brewster Szymanski
Gavin Seim
Michele Fiore
Talmadge Pollard
Bonnie Coyne
Sarah Redd-Buck