Saturday, August 6, 2016

To be the King


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading another fiction which was accusing now Richard Nixon of being a fag as if that was some monstrous thing........meaning does this mean that a homosexual was behind Watergate and is the most evil man on the planet?
In this fag Obama age, it would mean that Richard Nixon was victimized and can no longer be attacked in homophobia as even in Orlando gay terror shootings, being queer trumps even Muslim terror oil money, so Richard Nixon is clean as the driven snow.

Of course Richard Nixon was not a fag with his Cuban friend Bebe Rebozo, but what interests me is Richard Nixon was presented a puppy while in the White House by the staff who loved him, and the dogs name was King Timahoe, an Irish Setter so named from the Nixon origins in Ireland.


I love Irish Setters as they are the most unique breed among dogs in knowing how regal and pretty they are, and having a soul in them which just loves being Irish Setter and alive. If God could have made dogs our leaders, there never would be a war or conflict as Irish Setters would simply have a world reflecting how lovely they are.

Tim as the dog was named by the Nixon family, was an interesting sort, being a guest at the61st birthday of Richard Nixon, and deciding to eat the cake, to which he then wiped frosting all over the President's suit jacket. Even that is a lovely event when it comes to Irish Setters.

There is a story of President Nixon being fond of watching the dogs play, and one day Tim locked up on perfect point for 10 minutes and the President stood there watching until the bird flew away. One never thinks of that kind of thing with Richard Nixon, and it is mentioned here to show the kind of man whose wife and children adored, and he adored them.
Richard Nixon was the greatest political mind of the last part of the 20th century and it is such an insight that the most powerful man in the world, invested all the time in the world to inter mix with his dog one day, as the Irish Setter was enjoying himself doing exactly what he was bred to be.

In dreams I walk and I mark
The Irish Setter day
For in king or queen or inbetween
For work or play, come what may
The Setter's hearts tells what life may mean

King Timahoe gets a treat from President Nixon for the holidays. Timahoe was born in July 1968.