Saturday, August 13, 2016

Touche minus Seven

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I can not stop you children from being led around by the hand in diverting your attention with how much of Hillary Clinton's brain is rotten or what new smear Donald Trump is enduring as all of you run to these damned porn stories in being trained, but the quote below is the reason behind the Remote Viewer's sessions and what I have been attempting to stop in NYC824.
There are reasons cities vaporize, because they have to do with Obamanation making other nations vulnerable and their being led to a response.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted an agreement with Damascus on the deployment of a Russian air force group in Syria for ratification by the lower house of parliament. It is noted in the agreement that the Hmeimim air facility in Syria, its infrastructure and territory are granted to Russia free of charge.

All of us are about to be pushed into this nuclear groove and it is not going to stop until the elite have murdered us all at the bottom. I would if I could make you stop screaming on Facebook for a week to get out of your Stockholm Syndrome as focused wills to delay this until Donald Trump would somehow seize the elections, but all you are doing is disrupting the matrix flow in your rantings, so those who are focused on your genocide are cutting through like a shark through waves.

None of you can restrain yourselves from posting some shit that doesn't matter in trying to validate yourselves in being first. You children are better than this if you would just let the train that will carry you over the edge go by, as another one is coming along in a few minutes, if you want to be Manchurian on that one.

The clock has already reached zero. All of us now are in the active situation of the time line.