Saturday, August 13, 2016

Obama Regime to steal election for sick Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is more of a warning in an explanation of how the entire United States electronic election structure was hijacked for profit and power for a small oligarch monopoly, which stole two elections for Barack Hussein Obama, and might have accomplished the same under Karl Rove.

Obama Administration Set To ‘Oversee’ U.S. Elections

 The interesting part in this is took place under Bush43 in Congress is the one who put electronic vote fraud into action by forcing states to all throw out their original ballots, with hand counting and go electronic.

It was Congress that passed the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, aka “Motor Voter,” which ordered all 50 states to weaken the security of voter registration lists. It was Congress that passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), which was the vehicle by which the states were forced to buy HAVA-compliant electronic voting equipment. As the states rushed to meet the HAVA deadlines, most states purchased equipment that didn’t have a voter-verified paper trail. It was Congress that sneaked the following dirty tricks into the National Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2010 as a rider, stating, “The Presidential designee may establish 1 or more pilot programs under which the feasibility of new election technology is tested for the benefit of absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters claiming rights under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.”
The rider also stated:
the Presidential designee may consider the following issues:
(1) The transmission of electronic voting material across military networks.
(2) Virtual private networks, cryptographic voting systems, centrally controlled voting stations, and other information security techniques.
(3) The transmission of ballot representations and scanned pictures in a secure manner.
(4) Capturing, retaining, and comparing electronic and physical ballot representations.
(5) Utilization of voting stations at military bases.
A quick review of this rider shows numerous violations of the U.S. Constitution, including having the federal government implement Internet voting and unconstitutionally empowering the president to appoint the manager in charge of the computer systems.

Evidently in this scheme there is a real overlord of elections in this, which no one knows who the hell it is.

Would the presidential designee who was appointed by authority of the NDAA for 2010 please identify himself or herself and explain why the “in a secure manner” clause hasn’t been adequately addressed?

It does though explain how all of these insider billionaires, like Mitt Romney and Canadian Dominion descended upon the American elections, as the world was descended upon in Andrieu Riera casino software voting, in these monopolies, in weird election results of entire states stolen by Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, to Paul Ryan winning Saddam Hussein numbers in Minnesota publishing the exact figures in the Republican primary in 2016 BEFORE THE ELECTION, have not been prosecuted, because this is all a money graft scheme, where the oligarchs, chose the candidates, use the regime to make a fortune off of vote machines and processing, and then declare their crooks winners, so they are not prosecuted for their crimes.

This is the United States elections. The Lame Cherry reported that the 15% margin was what it required to not flip an election, but some troubling numbers have appeared in the new Casino voting, which the Lame Cherry suspects is connected to Robert Mercer, as tallies were either flipped in candidate names, or it is this fractional voting as Bev Harris has uncovered.

If is fractional voting in November, Donald Trump could win a landslide by 10 to 1, and these e vote fraud programs could count his votes as .1% and Mrs. Clinton's at 2 votes for her every 1 and in the end she would win by that 5 million Obama margin, which is exactly what these CONDITIONING POLLS are programming your wee minds to accept, that Hillary Clinton will "win" this by a squeaker of 1%.

The Lame Cherry has now revealed to you the framework of what is being plotted and how the Obama regime is hinting at seizing the elections in America, and this mysterious overlord is going to certify this election theft.

Each of you must make this known and explain the contents of the article, so people will at be informed as they shrug it off, because it may come down to it that Donald Trump will have to take his victory back, and that of course is going to require more than the Bush Supreme Court of frauds.