Thursday, August 11, 2016



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Run your cursor over the above and highlight it and in it you will discover that the hidden and overlooked part of TRIUMPH is in the center, and it is YOU.

To triumph, you must Try on the left hand and put in the effort of UMPH of gut wrenching work with your right hand, but it is all about you, lonely you. A you with only God, and reaching down inside of you beyond your fears and your doubts knowing what you are, because when you do that, you will find  that if you plot your course in trusting God in His Wisdom, eventually the rest of the people will look around and notice you, not as a grandstander, not as some cut and paste fraud who will be made a fool of.

It requires time, and not giving a damn about your detractors, but moving on, forward every day, because you get to the future where everyone wants to be, before everyone arrives.

It is always about trying against the odds and somehow surviving them, not because you deserve it, but because you held the ground all the others fled from.

Everyone loves a winner. Everyone loves to make a winner a loser out of their jealousy. When you are born, it is just you, what is in between is the cowards game of people hiding in a mob, and when you die it is just you. It is those in the in between who are not the cowards that are the ones in the company of themselves that others look to.