Friday, August 12, 2016

Main Event NYC824 Shadow Events Follow

Editor's Note: Stand Alone Post

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is an exclusive walk through, an assessment of what I assess as the clinical reality of NYC824 AKA the regime's construction of a h bomb in order to remove Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, cover up the looting of the American Treasury and to start World War IV.

These are my conclusions in what this series of events can be explained by and melded with the actions of the Dick Allgire led remote viewers who first brought to attention that a city was going to be nuclear vaporized, and then was walked back, after the viewing of the riots at the RNC and DNC conventions did not match the attacking of horses and fire bombs which Mr. Allgire saw.

It is not secret that the Lame Cherry by God's Grace engaged in changing this time line in order to save the horses which the police rode.I conclude that the smell of pot which Dick Allgire reported, was weed which was laced with a zombie drug as in ISIS to get these leftists to riot violently. The Lame Cherry changed the time line and lessened the effect.
The Allgire viewers though were taking credit though still as of August 9th for a hit, but their hit was something anyone could have stated as it was published weeks before that protestors would be at the RNCa and DNC.

The time line was changed and this spooked the remote viewers who were trending for a massive city destruction, which hinted at America.

On August 9th, was the first time I was able to listen to the different sessions on the Rense program as I being poor, I do not have unlimited bandwidth. I am thankful for that, as in listening to Dev and Dick the viewers, I was able to assess the situation and comprehend what I was dealing with, because as posted here, I was perplexed in I could not get a read on on what Dick Allgire was talking about in a city being destroyed in my July inquiry.
I found a trend for Uncle Gordy's nuclear bombs in 4 US cities and a main event of a Mt. Hood eruption, but nothing of a city, until what Allgire was promoting began to have a following online, and then inquiry pointed to NYC824.

To explain the Remote Viewers, they are a collective led by a rather arrogant person, whose main pony is Dick Allgire, who is the main catalyst. The rest of the viewers are part of the symbiotic sympathetic empowerment wave which slides into Allgire's flow and find their own situations to back what Allgire has been streamed to from his perspective.
What the control is not factoring in, is there are deceptive demonic forces and others who spike and influence the time lines and this is what I conclude was taking place.

There is a seer group in Europe who reported the nuclear destruction of New York City by air, in twin type warheads. Target in inquiry recently was 2018. The cartel in the lords and priests knew this date as nothing happens in the pur without their direction. The cartel took this event and moved it up by taking action.
The control of the Remote Viewers bases all his data on CNN headlines which the viewers sense as themselves in the future, which is their absolute, which the Lame Cherry proved in save ponies and non fire bombs to be capable of changing events within the events.

Allgire and his symphatics are seeing events on CNN, but not MAIN EVENT. Main event is what the Lame Cherry locked onto in NYC824 which was generated through deception by moving up the event.

Slow down at this juncture to get this point understood, for I conclude that Dick Allgire in seeing a European city and Dev seeing a Mideastern city being destroyed in August, are CNN reality, but are not MAIN EVENT. NYC824 is the main event which is not reported, but is the catalyst which sets off the retaliation for NYC824 and counter strikes.

Logic leads me to conclude that NYC824 is designed to bring a response against Syria and that is what Dev was witnessing. Dick in my inquire was seeing Italy and that is the counter strike. All events interconnected, but in sequence. All correct if the time lines this time are not changed.

I believe at this moment that those behind this are attempting to mask their designs from my inquiry. I believe that NYC824 will be placed as stated in New York City, but it will not be detonated. The events in construct then will fall to new measures to remove Hillary Clinton, in logic, and still proceed with blaming "ISIS" in order to deal with Syria and in order to progress the forming Neo Roman empire which has been the Obama regime's main direct all along.

At this horizon point, I have changed the time line, but it is too far out that it could change again to the original construct. As I type this, I have not the time or energy to inquire as to proper direction in stopping the Dev and Dick views or altering them.

Main construct is Donald Trump in the White House, more difficult now with the chiggers attached to him from election theft. The Trump time line is the obertime in this, and into this is the supreme time line of Christ's return. I will not interfere with those prime directives.

I must by God's Grace attain the virtue of the Christian Epic, but I am not God in being capable of knowing all the variables..

I move on from this, but explain in these posts for all of you to settle down. I am aware of the situation and will pluck the necessary strings of resonance to make this play by God's Will.  You have to understand that if I am successful, this New York City time line resets to occur again. For those who think I should "care", my answer is the people of Serbia never asked for their country to be fire bombed by Clinton and the people of Syria never asked for genocide while Paul Ryan and John McCain were rubber stamping Obama Clinton mass murder, and I care about that, because those peoples never asked for it.
As I have never received the big donation from the rich sitting in all their wealth why I am surrounded by death and suffering, I do not see much reason to care about New York when 5 million New Yorkers who spend thousands of bucks on their lifestyles, never bothered with my tears.

What my interest is the sequence. NYC824, then Syria, then north Italy.....all regime generated and in tactical objectives, nuclear salting Syria and nuclear contaminating north Italy closes off Russian southern Invasion routes.
Inquiry points to Padova.

Resets and shifts of time lines. I comprehend the logical construction of these horizon points for tactical objectives. Onshore offshore, now it is to the currents of the matrix.

Nuff Said