Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump White Paper: A Thousands Points of Mania

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It perhaps been forgotten the 1000 Points of Light of George HW Bush which no one understood, but each of us in the Obama era, have come to feel the subjection and intrusion of the Obama 1000 Points of Community Change afflicting all of our lives.

In this Trump White Paper, the method is simple. In order for Donald Trump to succeed with his agenda of making America Great Again, it is advised that Mr. Trump find 999 Americans who will make Sarah Palin look acceptable to the leftists, as each one of these American Advocates start dismantling feudalism and implementing Americanism, that the deluge will be so much that the media nor the left will not be able to deal with it all.

Just as liberals have done, they need done to them in a 1000 Points of Mania inside the Trump Government setting America at liberty again and reawakening inside the American heart and soul the memory of what it is like to be free again and not a hostage of the police state.

This does not take a great deal of space to explain, so it ends here. But the point remains, President Donald Trump is going to need 1000 if not 10,000 of his supporters set in at least pairs in departments to make the civil service in America be civil and serve America again.

This will have to be accomplished in order for this Trump Liberation of America not to be hijacked as the Reagan Revolution was.

Unleash the power of the People and protect those People from the police state.

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