Sunday, August 7, 2016

The White House will kill Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will state this in as much as Hillary Clinton falls down, we at least know she does not have brittle bones. On the other hand, this woman has upon reaching her mid 60's in her retirement years, has exhibited nothing of the endurance of Bernie Sanders or the stamina of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton's motor functions simply have degraded to the point she is confused and out of balance mentally.

I am going to explain something to you which my dad harped on non stop. People used to say, "Oh she fell and broke her hip".  That is not the case in the least, because what really takes place is people break their hip, due to weak bones, and that is why they fall.

It is the same with idiots saying "animals chew their foot off to get out of a trap". Animals if they were that bright would use their back feet to depress  the trap springs and free themselves. What really takes place is animals bite the trap being wild, and their foot is numb, and upon drawing blood are so cannibal that they eat their own foot off for a free meal.

That is the condition of Hillary Clinton, in she is not falling because she has lost her balance. She is falling because her brain can no longer keep her in balance. She has a marked problem with negotiating steps, as she keeps going down on them. She does not have the motor function to capacity in her brain any more to coordinate lifting her foot and walking at the same time.
To put it bluntly if this was walking and chewing gum at the same time, Hillary Clinton would suffocate herself on bubble gum, as she has lost the capacity in her brain to carry out normal activities.

There is not any exaggeration in this, as this is a pattern. This is something which is more than old age, because most elderly people are extremely active yet in their 70's. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is being led around like a crippled dog whose best days of hunting were a decade ago.
What caused this is not yet known, for the original blood clot in Mrs. Clinton's brain was caused by a fall, and that fall was caused by something degrading in her brain, which is becoming further degraded in a form of Parkinsons, where she freezes or starts barking like a dog. Old age brings with it "oddities" which we all know from stereotype, but what Hillary Clinton is exhibiting is closer to a woman in her 90's. For her own sake, Hillary Clinton should be using a cane all the time, have a chair lift up all steps, and in her home, she should have a walker while going to the bathroom at night when she wakes up.

In modern terms, Hillary Clinton mentally is about 85 years old. In motor function she is in her 90's. Her body is approximate for her age in the 70's, but Ronald Reagan like all people who suffer brain disorders was healthy as a horse physically when he died in his 90's, but he simply no longer had the mental capacity.

The White House simply requires too much energy and youth now for a Hillary Clinton as degraded as she is. One could note in Joe Biden how slow he has become mentally, and how absolutely aged Bill Clinton now is at the DNC convention.
Hillary Clinton can give a measured, lackluster speech in reading a teleprompter, while clearing her throat constantly, but she simply is not up to the rigors of being President.

The fact is the White House will kill Hillary Clinton. America will be faced with an incapacitated Hillary in the first term, where the world is going to be Tim Kaine being pressured to drop the hammer by Congress, while Bill Clinton and Huma Abedin try to spoon feed Hillary to a few public appearances to make the world think Hillary Clinton is alive yet.

If this is what people want, with a global war on the horizon, America being invaded, terror threats all over and an Obama Super Depression still strangling America, then get ready to a Politburo rule in America, where Hillary Clinton drools in a wheelchair a great deal, as the insiders fight over power, and the enemies of America, take advantage to an invasion.
It is impossible to answer a 3 AM call when Hillary Clinton would probably fall out of bed trying to swipe her smart phone.

America  needs a President. Hillary Clinton is no longer capable of the job. She is degrading. She is cancelling appearances unexpectedly and falling down, brain freezing and barking like a dog or cackling in some kind of childhood revisit of trying to be a precocious girl of 5 again.

That is the absolute reality which awaits America. The White House will kill Hillary Clinton. A humane people would place her in a situation where she was qualified to being Gramma and making goo goo noises, after she wakes up from her 14 hour a day naps.