Sunday, August 21, 2016

When the Man comes Around

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In the final week of Vice President Hubert Humphrey's life, he made a phone call reaching out to President Richard Nixon 6 years after Watergate had democrats driving the Republican from office. The above photo is at the funeral in the White House of the 3 living Presidents in Carter, Nixon and Ford.

The photo is telling though in who is in charge. Richard Nixon is so dominant that both Carter and Ford are leaning away, not from dislike, but from dominance.

I place this here, as this is what a real world leader is. This is someone none in the modern generation have ever experience in what a man is among men. That thing inside which has powerful men, give way, when a persona like this appears among them.

Hubert Humphrey was such a powerful man, as was Lyndon Johnson. In the below photo, you can witness though as powerful as Reagan was dominating the world stage, that even he in deference to Richard Nixon gave him place.

Ronald Reagan

America has not had a real leader of standing, since 1988, and that is why Ronald Reagan is still so outstanding, and why Vladimir Putin stands out, and why the mob is so furious over a man like Donald Trump.

If you look at Donald Trump, this man does not give ground to anyone. There simply is no bluff in him as his persona dominates. That is something he was born with.

If America has any future, it is going to have to be shed of it's Affirmative Action Obama or Dynasty Clinton Bush families. Richard Nixon was a man among men, as Margaret Thatcher was a woman among men with no equal.

Richard Nixon, a man destroyed by his enemies, hated by his enemies, and there he stands among Presidents as the President among Presidents.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/vice-president-hubert-humphrey-richard-nixon-alfred-e-smith-memorial-dinner-1968.jpg

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