Sunday, August 21, 2016

Using Air to condition Air

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This will be dismissed as nothing, but in dealing with high Obama electric costs now, I stumbled upon a rather odd air conditioning in Mom's old house.

I discovered that even on hot days, that if I leave the north windows open which is always shaded, that it is 20 degrees cooler there and with a large fan it will keep her home cool.

There are caveats in this of high humidity is never comfortable. When it reaches 90 plus degrees it is hot, so there are limits.

It is a case though for her electric bill, that I have been able to keep the house cool in not running the air non stop. I do make a point in having a large fan though running on high, after sundown to midnight and it does cool things off, so it does not have to be on all night.

There is a cedar tree which I planted for an extra shade area, but it amazes me in walking by the area it does not seem that cool, but it does inside.

It reminds me of the rather odd condition in the American West where one can be boiling their brains out, and walking in Cottonwood shade, it is always pleasantly cool.

Any way when the big donation comes in, and we build our home, it is going to have underground piping, which a large fan will push air through to cool the house, and basically heat the garage in the winter time, as 60 degrees is cool in summer and hot in winter. Also have a gopher hole ventilation system I am planning on in not needing fans in the chimney effect........but that is the future and this is an anomaly which does work when it is not Missouri cook your ass humid or Texas fry your ass hot.

Oh if you want a Texas genius on cooling water, if you have a large container of water, wrap it in cloth and wet the cloth, it will actually through evaporation make the water cooler than tasting like hot horse piss. Not that I ever drank hot horse piss, but hot water in a canning jar on a tractor sure tastes like what I envision hot horse piss to taste like.

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