Sunday, September 18, 2016

American Triumvirate: President James Knox Polk

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The third President in the Great American Triumvirate is President James Knox Polk.

President Polk is the most dynamic of President Harrison, President Tyler and himself. Harrison was the democratic, Tyler the most combative and Polk the most imperial, in all three comprising Thomas Jefferson in the mob rule, the political fight and accomplishing goals on executive decisions, instead of Congress.

President Polk began his Administration with four goals:

1. Reducing taxes or the Tariff.
2. Creating an independent US Treasury
3. Settling the British American boundary on the Canadian Border
4. Acquiring California

By 1846 the President had achieved his first two goals, and by the end of his Administration he had achieved the final two. He almost began war with Great Britain over the Canadian issue, but settled on the 49th parallel and gave up what is still the American lands to the 54th parallel in Canada.

For California, he attempted to purchase California as Jefferson had Louisiana, but the Mexicans would not sell. Polk responded with sending General Zachary Taylor on the American lands in Texas on the Rio Grande. The Mexicans attacked and thus began the Mexican American War.

The Mexicans in being defeated for the war which they began, ceded New Mexico and California for 15 million dollars, in the Americans were extremely generous.

This ends the American Triumvirate era with the stormy period of their governance, for General Zachary Taylor became President Zachary Taylor, and America was greatly harmed again, as America had grown vastly in population and territory in the era of these three leaders, but were encumbered by the era of 1776 in the slave trade, now magnified in a political war of powerful money interests in the North and the Democratic Political Confederacy of the South. This with new territories and states, would usher in bloody Kansas and the Civil War as America was manipulated into a war for a debt to European financiers, as England lost her grip on America in the north in Canada, and France lost her grip on America in the south in Mexico.

President Taylor was like President Harrison, in both believed in democracy. Harrison believed in democracy in the Cabinet and Congress to lead the people to compromise when they were politically ready for it, while President Taylor believed in democracy in the States, in having the people in their sovereign nations decide all issues from slavery to policy. It was a unique perspective of Federalism balanced by States Rights in Harrison believed in the Representative in Washington City while Taylor believed in the Representative inside the States.

In the worst of omens, President Taylor after a fiery confrontation with secessionists in the South, in informing them that if they attempted to dissolve the Union, that President Taylor would personally lead the United States Army into their States and then hang every one of them. What followed was a hot day in Washington City, where the President was overcome by heat and died 5 days later.

Instead of strong Presidential leadership, what followed was the "compromise" of political interests in the north and the south as Vice President Millard Fillmore became President and the political solution to stop the American conflict only allowed ten years and a following list of weak leaders to explode America into war in 1861.

Much can be discerned from this era, and the dissentigration America is facing when Manifest Destiny of lands, became a Civil Rights expansion of not the race issue, but of degenerative sex in aborticide, now culminated in sodomy to pedophilia. Whenever the political process is violated in allowing the people to progress issues on their own time line of comfort, upheaval is the result.

America has now been forced into an era which it will require a President Reagan to stop the wars and allow Americans to once again seize their rights on political issues. This is what President Donald Trump will have required of him and why God rose him as the standard of a strong populist to rectify the preceding weak leaders of Bush41, Clinton, Bush43 and Birther Hussein Obama.

Failure to accomplish this, and America will fracture as will the world in a global war.

A great deal can be learned from this pivotal era of American history in these leaders, who none of them matched politically, as they matched the American left and American right in key parts, but their central core was leadership matched to utilizing the leadership for Americans in basing it all upon the necessary melding of States Rights with limited Federal Governance all for promoting the American.

The unerring reality of the American Triumvirate was a dedication to America. Not to change her, not to recreate her, but to nurture and sustain her by the people, for the people and of the people.
They proved that there is not really a "right" way of doing things as a Republican form of Government of elected representatives on a national level or doing it in States Rights deciding political realities in the States as whole, it all functions due to leadership for Americans. It only does not function when the despot and tyrant serves political interests or the President attempts to steer Americans from the destiny they are already forming.

Donald Trump is at a place where America is progressing to.