Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Gelato Wars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the typical news in this Obama 21st century and Clinton epitaph, this weekend ushered in a series of violent events again into America. Fortunately for the Obama Clinton voters, it did not interfere with their drinking wine and eating gelato in Chelsea.

Loud explosion rattles Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan ...

A loud explosion shook the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday night, prompting New York City police and fire department personnel to swarm the area, a ...

This attack upon gelato is something that from Martha's Vineyard to Haight Ashbury will move the Obama regime to rise up, declare Martial Law in America and launch wave after wave of strikes to protect the gelato in America.

America must have Gelato Wars with the different flavors of WMD's to protect this national past time of eating gelato, as this seemed to be a prevailing comment from those on scene from liberal Clinton voters, except for those paid to blame the attacks upon the eating of gelato on Mr. Trump.

As the Lame Cherry has been censored and is now an observer like the rest of humanity denouncing another mass attack in this world, all of us can feel safe as the regime wasted resources to harass the blog, when it should have focused again on those who are the threat to gelato, and stop wasting these agent's time and resources.

What is gelato that it would be a talking point in numbers of on sight reports.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/17rx21ypnf3gejpg.jpg

Regime coalition forces deliberately bombed the Syrian military today. President Putin has called for an emergency UN session, and now there is a constant meme on all posts that this is a Muslim situation of numerous attacks in America.
Perhaps the Alt Right should step back and give Silver a rest as Tonto is thinking that someone is trying to start a war with Russia now, so the next President will be forced to carry it out.