Saturday, September 17, 2016

American Triumvirate: President John Tyler

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this Lame Cherry trilogy of the American Triumvirate, it now comes to the 10th President of these United States, in President John Tyler. The first Vice President who rose to the Presidency on the death of the President.

Tyler was a rather remarkable man. He was a Virginian, serving in Congress and the Governorship. He was unique in his time in Southern States Rights, and formed a federalist or Whig agenda joining the powerful Clay and Webster in Congress, in opposition to the American King, the government of President Andrew Jackson, and became the perfect ally to the westerner General William Henry Harrison of Indian and War of 1812 fame, to be elected to the White House.

The Harrison Presidency was supposed to be one where Congress ruled the White House in the powerful Clay and Webster. When President Harrison died though a few weeks into his Presidency, Clay informed President Tyler that Harrison agreed to a one vote for each member of the Cabinet, including the President.
Tyler arose immediately and stated he was responsible for his Administration and would have no part in a democratic cabinet.

This was the first time a Vice President arose and the language of the Constitution was brought into question, as the words ACT AS PRESIDENT is what the document stated. Those in  Congress pushed for Tyler to be only ceremonial and not President with not any power, while Tyler stated he was President with full power, and Tyler acted in full power as President, and in every way set the stage for the most powerful leaders America ever produced as Presidents in tyrants in Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, and populists in Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.
When President Trump becomes President, he is entering upon this Tyler foundation in he will become after the weakened eras of Clinton, Bush and Obama, an imperial President with the power of the people propelling him onward.

An open war actually took place in the Tyler Presidency inside the Harrison cabinet and in the Congress. The Whigs or right wing were furious he would not submit to them, and after Tyler kept vetoing their national agenda, they threw him out of the party and the Representative John Quincy Adams attempted to impeach him for "misuse of the veto" which attempt failed to remove Tyler.

President Tyler though did sign great expansion of the American Manifest Destiny from Congress. He was remarkable in the Log Cabin Bill which was a pioneer settlement for America in Americans were given 160 acres for the price of 1.25 an acre to be paid later.
Tyler signed the Webster Ashburton Treaty which settled the British American dispute over the Canadian boundary, and President Tyler annexed Texas.

This was a remarkable agenda for the middle President of the American Triumvirate. He was a man who was almost destroyed by his own Congress and Cabinet, and arose to prevail and bring America a destiny of land which was only lip service before the Tyler Administration.

John Tyler was true to his States Rights to the end in one of the remarkable last stages of his life, in he attempted a compromise to hold America together from Civil War, but when that failed, this Virginians participated in the founding the Confederate States of America, and was elected to the Confederate House of Representative in 1861.
President Tyler would die in 1862 with little note of his passing in Washington City, but this unique President of American expansion, solidifying the power of the Oval Office, and becoming a foreign policy leader while championing States Rights, set the stage for the last of the Triumvirate, the 11th President of these United States, James Knox Polk.