Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jabez Prayers

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satan has been resisting me on this understanding of prayer, but I am convinced that it is correct, because the day I prayed this prayer, Homeland Security appeared, which of course was from the devil to try and stop me from adhering  to this prayer.
The reason I link this, is because everytime I attempted to have a quiet Sabatth with God, every Friday night some ass would appear online with a note or message blowing up the peace I intended to have with God.

The source of this is Bruce Wilkinson or whatever his name is, in the books for sale like the Bible, but as God gives things free, this will be my interpretation of this Jabez prayer thing and it is simple enough in 3 points.

And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.

I Chronicles 4:10

I will translate this hopefully in the Holy Ghost:

And Jabez activated God in His life by praying and said, "God favor me, and establish me with a larger presence in all areas of my life, and make Your Will with me, and stop evil from attacking me, so I am not grieved". And God did this for Jabez.

Now you can pray that prayer, but some things on the intent of your heart are important in understanding this prayer.

You have to have a belief in you of God. It is more than just believing in God, but it is believing that God has overflowing mercy and loving kindness, looking to do good things for you, because God desires to do this for you out of Love.

You have to have a belief in your heart, that everything God gives to you is for His Good. It means that when God expands your presence, possessions and power, that it is your responsibility to increase the good you do for others.

You have to have a belief all through you, that the Good which God accomplishes for you, that it will bring you enough with left over for every situation, as you enjoy these gifts before God in giving Him all the credit.

So the synopsis is:

Ask God to give you the things He wills to give to you.

Ask God knowing that what He provides for you, is to do His Good in the world in being ready to help others.

Ask God knowing that what He provides will always be more than enough, and always be thankful to God as you enjoy and utilize what He gives.

Much of this is Mercy is better than offerings in the Law of God, meaning, it is expected to show the Love of God in the life He gave you more than a setting up a public foundation, making a huge donation that ends up in the media for your credit or living in a mansion to lord over people.

God desires everyone to enjoy life to the fullest and if you idea is mansions or Mercedes, then as long as you are humble and give the credit to God, there is not a problem. It becomes a problem though like the wealthy questioner of Jesus that stated he had kept all the law perfectly in public, and Jesus said to do one more thing, "Go and sell all you have and give it to the poor". That rich man went away sorrowful, because he had everything a human could ever want.
It is not that he had things, it is that position and power he had, defined him in all he trusted as his god, and that is where the rejection of God arose, because he was more faithful to mone than to God.

The majority of rich people are like this. The majority of "poor" people are like that. We always want things, but when it comes time to giving without demands attached, we suddenly want the pound of flesh and to dictate how each penny is spent, in thinking it is our money, when it is God's money, and God does not stand there with a penny rationer demanding how you waste His money you have in trust.

I do hope the above helps all of you. I realize that money and things do destroy people, but when I search for understanding like being a teaspoon Christian in an ocean bucket world of God's blessings, I try to pass things along in teaching people what I have labored for, because all of these prayers work, but it is a point that often times our hearts are in the wrong place, satan is seeking to scare us away from praying in trust to God and we are selfish and self serving.

Know this, God gives you a million dollars to do good, He is not going to leave you with the paper wrappers the money came in and tell you that is your share. God only requires a 10% tithe to Him.......and the Bible states this was for the ministry, but it also was that people came before God to eat and drink that tithe........I would say to wear that cloak and drive that mule too in rejoicing to God for what God gave.

We have to stop being like Cain in thinking God owes us money, because we are such wonderful people. We have to be more like Abel in believing it is all about God, for we are nothing without God's Love to us.

Jabez's prayer does not sound like much, but it was the intent of the prayer in:

God I am in a hard life. I do not want to be miserable stuck in this existence, so I ask that you give me all the good things You desire, expand my abilities to hold those good things, and I will do good with them, with Your help, when you keep me from all evil.

The Holy Ghost could have written that prayer through me at the beginning, for me and for you, but it would not have made as much sense without the above foundation of understanding.

Mark 9:24

And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.