Friday, September 16, 2016

American Triumvirate: President William Henry Harrison

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President elect Donald Trump is in a succession of American Presidents glorious and vain, accomplished and failed, and in this Lame Cherry trilogy, it is the point of exposing all of you to the middle period of the United States which few people know of or study. This period though brought forward a series of weak leaders in a politically fractured nation which was out of touch with the new America being founded.

The first in this trilogy to be examined in President William Henry Harrison, who was a Whig, but in this period, right or left wing did not matter as the lines were melding and moving. What needs to be understood is that there were three titans who framed these trilogy Presidents in President Washington, President Jackson and President Lincoln.
In Washington America experience perfection, and in Jackson America experience the first President General who Davy Crockett often mocked as "the government", as Jackson literally was as powerful as any King and was the entire government of the United States. The final titan was Abraham Lincoln who inherited the disasters of 1776 in politics which tore America apart, and he became the abuse of the Presidency in a dictator.

President Andrew Jackson attempted to save America from central banking interests, and abolished the central bank. In this he poured US Treasury funds into local banks, who not having any monitoring, loaned all of the money out to cronies, created a bubble as in 2008 and the entire economy collapsed.
His successor was a New York politician in Martin Van Buren, a very capable politician as was Franklin Roosevelt and the birther Barack Hussein Obama, who took the inherited economic depression and deepened it for political gain.
In Van Buren's part, he refused internal spending on US projects, because his cronies owned the Erie Canal and did not want competition. He ruled a nation divided and a nation which thought him a hope for Democracy.

It was this background to which the right wing in America, the Whigs, appealed to a very educated, intelligent, philosophical, democratic political and military leader from the West in William Henry Harrison.

Harrison had gained fame in leaving the east, entering the west and the art of warfare against Indian terrorists, who were being instigated by the British for American genocide. Twice Harrison was involved in this conflict at Tippacanoe River he was surprised by a dawn raid of Tecumseh and the Prophet and in a two hour heavy battle repulsed the terrorists in 1811. By 1813, in British intrigue again, at the Battle of the Thames, General Harrison defeated the combined British and Indian forces with Tecumseh being killed. This ended British intrigue in the American interior, and broke the Indian terror network to the Sioux in the central United States.

He would serve in various government jobs and be quite destitute, but at age 68 was put forward as a national hero by the Whigs, led by Henry Clay and Daniel Webster of the Congress, and was elected.

Harrison had no intention of imperial Presidencies in the least and is what the powerful Congress desired, as he stated that the President had no legislative agenda, and had promised that his cabinet would be democratic in all members including himself would have one vote, and the majority would rule.

William Henry Harrison was as humble and dignified man as George Washington. He believed in the people and his was to be a situation of governance, with Congress elected by the people setting the national direction.

History has produced a propaganda that President Harrison caught a cold on a cold inauguration day where he spoke two hours without a coat or a hat. This is not true, as he was President and quite active for two weeks, before he became ill.
He enjoyed doing the morning shopping at the market himself for breakfast, and it was on that day which he became wet, that he caught the illness which would kill him.
In examination of this, President Harrison caught an influenza which he was not exposed to previously which was either foreign or of the DC area, and that is what led to his demise.

It is important in President Harrison, in how America suffered immensely in his leadership would have set the agenda of an American expansion based on Federalist principles in the West and sound economic stablility, with a Congress slowly leading the way as a deliberating body in both the powerful north and the powerful south neutralized by compromise.

What followed on the death of President Harrison would set the stage for what would be the foundation of what American Presidents would be known for, and progressing America forward into situations which she was not ready to grow into yet.

Thus enters, Vice President John Tyler, the 10th President of these United States- the second of the Triumvirate of America.