Thursday, September 15, 2016

How do you have time to write so prolifically?

As another Lame Cherry repeat as this is in the archives somewhere. I include it as my new fans at Homeland Security probably would be interested.

If you do not do this as a practice of "listening" for God 24 hours a day, then life is just a trough of what Mockingbird generates to condition people to one thought. When the Holy Ghost is inside of you, then you are having a conversation of  "What" in your asking and God is answering everything in explaining, so one just starts dispensing information like a radio.

My day depends on when I wake up. Today it was 7 AM. I dislike alarm clocks as they are unpleasant to my body clock.

I do chores and then we make breakfast. I usually eat 1 egg, 1 slice of bacon and a large piece of sourdough that we bake. Coffee or tea on special occasions.

Then it is an hour walk with TL.

Depends on the time it takes to walk, but I usually start writing them, and then eat lunch around noon.

I do nap for a bit, then move on to doing chores.

I then start writing again from about 3 until 6. Then supper, checking things in the animals for the night, another walk with TL, and then I write while some movie is playing or I might have Rense in the background until midnight.

We then talk, pray and get to sleep about 1 AM.

Into this day are woven things like chasing Baby Daisy or Baby Belle, shooting raccoons or skunks in a trap, weeding or last major project was taking our furnace apart in servicing it for the winter.

Sort of have like 4 jobs, but I had to learn to be creative while driving tractor of hours as a youth, so I learned to write poetry, songs, movies in my head, and retain them, and when I had time, I would write them down at night.

God always has ideas, and if you listen and let Him talk, it all just flows out of you.

The things I do in inquiry are different from Remote Viewers or Scryers etc... I do it in the Holy Ghost. I did not stop to think about it, but I used to read events and people and get very tired.......still am exhausted all the time now, but not the kind of tired that people who do this........put it  this way in Edgar Cayce killed himself from exhaustion doing what I do non stop. I feel I am operating at a high frequency now. Am certain the Holy Ghost is making it work, as the human form is not built for this kind of extended use. Sort of feels like being caught in a lightning bolt all the time, unless I unplug.
It is much better to have a normal life as whatever is normal as I have not run into any like me......although I have had experiences with whatever is in some human forms which is puzzling and not anything I care to be around.

It probably comes down to I work while other people have lives or enjoy their lives. There is not a moment not efficiently utilized for maximum output. I actually tried just posting one thing due to circumstances, but it seemed slacking off. 3 things seems proper and I am driven more in the hopes that somehow God will move some multi millionaire to do the right thing in making a big donation for having saved their lives. The correct situation is to trust in the Lord, and God provide the cash.
I write though more prolifically when people hurt me, and when I get frustrated by my situation. Work is part of a therapy which is a productive way of dealing with emotions, instead of being led away by them.

Oh so you know, I have actually worn the letters off this keyboard.........also wore out my Bible, so I am more regenerated by God than keyboards and Bibles.

So while the rumor has it that there are 5 of me, this is just Lame Cherry having God work through me. I am contained entirely in me now. Before I met TL I used to sit here blaring rock n roll in my ears, surfing the net, typing and that game Escape from Uberstein or whatever that was. I feel music gets in the way of the frequency now of who I am and I do not have time to play games.

I do not know how many years ago it is now, but I was ready to take a break then, but God piled on more. What I was doing thing was child's play in work load compared to now. Much more ability by expanding the Spirit of God in me now. I had no intention in taking part in the regime any more, until the Holy Ghost started mentioning about Jehu and someone else to lead America. As I had no interest in the job, this began the Inspiration to deconstruct Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in electing Donald Trump. If Scott Walker was not a two faced primate, he would be where Donald Trump is now. Any way, my purpose is in this driven work, to elect Donald Trump by God's Grace, to stop horrendous events which would harm humanity which are found online in news feeds, and in attempting to educate people in a series of articles in the Trump Triumvirate to lessen the effects of the Great Tribulation by constructing a Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump pro Christian alliance to protect the children of God.

I keep looking for the Two Witnesses, so they can be popular and I will be left to my moo cows and garden. It is nice people like reading what God Inspires, and the compliments are a salve, but every time you think people are nice, someone shows up and is an ass.  Celebrity is an interesting thing to experience, but is not something I want. I prefer to be in God's Light and listening and then posting observations and interpretations here.

Do not ever ask to be a Prophet as it is not a life of what you think. I do not have the tools I would prefer and at this juncture God is moulding me into a multiple source light thing. Just an unser at that though.

I am working on a God's blessing now to receive what God really wants to bestow upon me. Amusingly, after I prayed that my new fans as Homeland appeared. Of course, that was satan attempting to scare me off the prayer as God only does good things. It is a lesson  though and every Christian must not be sidelined in our Spiritual journey in Christ by the world trying to distract us.

I will post it for the benefit of all when God helps me understand it more completely.

Well look at the time, the Lame Cherry who never sleeps, must now sleep...........I used to be up until 4 AM most days before TL. Misery and being driven to find a way out through work does keep one busy. It also almost used up this body.........that was the plan then to exit this world by over working. Almost worked, but Joan of Arc took compassion on me and my life realigned to having at least made a force for good in helping some more people.

The keyboard is crying "Uncle" and I must now give it a rest for a few hours....and yes things do not get done around here as much as I prefer like shelves built in the shed, due to chasing this electronic wind.

Discipline: To behave oneself to adhere the Way which bestows Truth and Life.

The Lord God is my Strength. He maketh my feet like hinds feet and maketh me to walk upon mine high places.