Friday, September 23, 2016

....and then came Ted

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I suppose I should say something about Ted Cruz, but Sean Homo Hannity was doing his best in trying to heal the wounds which were inflicted upon the Republican Party, so I would rather say something about the Republican Voters, who had supported Ted Cruz.

I believe that 95% of the former Cruz voters had already decided that Donald Trump was who they were going to vote for. I mean that space cadet Gary Johnson is like putting Tommy Chong in charge of nuclear bombs with a room full of weed. It has always been Donald Trump, and Republican Voters have never been about being insane like those who singled out Sarah Palin to keep politically raping her, in that psychopathy of hating the pretty girl.

So the former Cruz supporters have already made the only decision possible which I was led to by God months ago. My antipathy has always been against the manipulators who lied to these people and traumatized them for months. They took advantage of good patriotic Americans and then assaulted them by Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro and Dave Blount for months, telling them ludicrous things about the convention and attempting to ruin 2016, all so this same oligarch funded mob could make money off of net traffic again for the next 8 years.

The Lame Cherry is honest and I am going to be honest in how I assess this Ted Cruz announcement, so the former Cruz voters will hopefully see it for what it is for.
When Mr. Cruz blew up the Republican Convention and tried to hand America over to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the oligarchs shunned him. That meant the money was gone.
Later, Mr. Cruz tried to keep the Cruz supporters stirred up, but those Americans simply had, had enough of this drama, and wanted their lives back as Americans. So the base support was gone.
As the oligarch press continued to be traitors, one by one from Mark Levin to Ben Shapiro, reading the paycheck on the wall, fell away, so Ted Cruz had no press for his coup.
Now with Bill Krystol wringing his hands that Hillary has blown it and the Hillary people knowing they are defeated, is Ted Cruz coming out on a Friday for effect, in a cleverly worded statement which is nothing more than a campaign statement for 2020 if Hillary steals it, and a submission to Reince Priebus legal threat  that Ted Cruz was going to be legally bound to his keeping his word in supporting Donald Trump.

That is what I assess Ted Cruz's principles as. Senator John Cornyn and all of GOP Texas has had it with Mr. Cruz and he is out of a job.

I would also submit for pondering in Ted Cruz had one ace in the hole to always fall back on, in Heidi Cruz, at Goldman Sachs for a job. I honestly believe this was explored and Goldman told Ted Cruz that he would never work there if had a trillion dollars invested there.

So this is what Ted Cruz was left with, he could do the right thing for the first time in this election or he could be Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz did what was right, but in his statement, you can read between the lines that he can not help but try and manipulate the electorate for that outside 2020 chance.

No one is going to fall for this. The Trump Campaign will be magnanimous again, which it should of, but think of the world it should have been if Ted Cruz had been genuine two months ago, when he still had supporters who were fired up for him, and he could have been Vice President, and if not that, think of Ted Cruz barnstorming around America as the attack dog of the Trump Campaign, who would be rewarded with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz reminds me a great deal of someone in a movie, who led out an army, got it wiped out, lost his horse, his sword, his sandals, his assistant, and in too worn clothes appears at the city gate, after leading the enemy to it, telling them, "See what a great leader I am, for I returned home and brought the enemy to your gates so that now you can fight them here".

I not in any way intend this to rub Ted Cruz's former supporters noses in this, as I tried to protect them for months and have always stated they are Patriots. I have only a problem with the system of crime which funded Ted Cruz and Cruz took the money and manipulation. It is the same for Jeb Bush and John Kasich. If you listen to the reversals of David John Oates, you hear a reference to Kasich saying something about the mafia. This is why I do not believe that Kasich or Bush will bother in their family mafia, because Kasich I believe is part of the old Taft mafia of the GOP, and has some job waiting for him.
I could not vote for Ted Cruz because he was not Natural Born, and when I could not support Obama in any way on this issue, then I could not support Mr. Cruz in the least, and it became worse as assisting in stopping him, drained a huge amount of my energies from which I have not yet recovered from.

To close this out, when you have a short guy like Ben Shapiro, two weeks ago, starting to write pro Trump pieces, the Ted Cruz Friday Night Lights, just is like a dim bulb as it came months too late and his supporters had already become Trump supporters, as they saw the light long ago.

Mr. Cruz's worth in the Senate has proven worthless these past weeks in he accomplished nothing, but gaining defeats, as he did for the previous years in the Senate. I would hope that the people of Texas will primary him or he would show a semblance of respect for America and simply resign from office. I am certain that Mr. Trump could find a place for him in one of his associates businesses to provide for Heidi and the girls.

As I ponder all of this, it all comes down to the fact that when it mattered, Ted Cruz harmed us, and now that the victory is at our grasp in all the Cruz, Trump, Kasich, Bush, Carson, Perry, Christy etc... voters who have been working hard this past month, it is Ted who appears to take credit for that work, but he can not just be gracious. No, Mr. Cruz has to lecture at us like we are children about the Supreme Court and everything else, all the while his real intent is to save himself as all have abandoned him, and to hold out his real intent that he hopes Hillary Clinton wins, so he can run in 2020.......and he will tell everyone, "See I told you so" as he did it at the Convention, and that is what is at the heart of Ted Cruz.

As the Republican Voters have already put Ted Cruz behind us a month ago, our objective is to finish off politically those anti American forces arrayed at the destruction of America. Because the fact is, in 5 years Ted Cruz will not be in any of your thoughts as he will have faded away.

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