Friday, September 23, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have mentioned I have a unique relationship with the Holy Ghost and I wanted to share this in response as a thank you for the puppy pictures, nice notes and donations. I believe the Holy Ghost wipes the memories of the nice things, so I do not start believing things I should not........the last part will make more sense in a bit.

As I have mentioned, the Holy Ghost often enough in the quiet of the morning as I am contemplating, praying or just embalmed in the morning, He says things to me, or makes me ...........the Holy Ghost gives me answers to things.

This is concerning the recent visitors we had here, to the farmstead in the homeland, as none of it made sense and the event was quite troubling, sort of like my neighbor who had  the Indians kicking in her door at 3 AM which terrified her. Odd how one thinks Indians are more welcome, as at least something can be done about them.

What has been bothering me has been many things which did not make sense in the betrayal, the lies and how none of it made sense. At least I believe part of it made sense by the Holy Ghost explaining things this morning.
So there were two events which were trying to be stopped and were stopped. The thing is the visitors never mentioned the main event, but focused on the second event. That seemed odd. It was odd until the Holy Ghost brought something to mind.

You must understand that my mind operates on Inspiration, and by the volume of things which come out of me, I often do not remember what I am writing many times, as my focus is on the next post. If prompted I can remember some things, but usually not the entire post. That is what happened in the events, and it was something else that held the key.

In this, the Holy Ghost brought to mind that FIB brought this to the attention of their superiors who appeared here. That is what the Holy Ghost was explaining to me, in the inquiry kept saying that FIB was not in the loop and it was that transit thing which was running the operation. It appears the different departments are in charge of different things again and FIB was desiring to know what was going on as they were apparently in the dark.
I conclude there must be protocols in not sharing information, or something more in FIB asked transit what was going on, and transit told them to bugger off. So it was kicked up to the home on the range, who looked into it.

What is deduced from this is something more, in the first event was not brought up as that would have confirmed it. The second event was focused on as there was interest in transit keeping information compartmentalized, which reveals that there are not just Suboperational Groups set up by the Bush family to conduct business, but there are security groups operational which can be creative as they never get questioned by Congress. It is the way of hiding things from oversight.

It should be pointed out that the Holy Ghost deliberately kept me clueless for almost a week, so I would not blurt things out on the blog and ignorance is bliss as God protects me in the role of ignorant bumpkin of American Gothic paintings.

It was puzzling to us, in why it could have all been up front, as we are honest, and always would comply and help the government, as it a citizen's duty. It is our flaw in being honest, as it is not how we operate as lying confuses things in the amounts of information and I could never keep things straight. It is a hindrance and sad, as I expect Matt Dillon being straight forward and me answering plain as I watched enough Gunsmoke to be conditioned to that response.

I appreciate the Holy Ghost explaining this part, as it is unsettling to know something does not make sense and have it in the back of your mind.

It has been a most interesting experience I intend on never repeating. It has been an interesting hour too as this laptop was working wonderfully, and suddenly it stopped in the Wifi. So after trying to troubleshoot it all, I accessed in another computer, and learned the Dell D430 has a WIFI switch on the right hand side of the computer. It has never been turned off. Never bothered in years. Never move and somehow it turned off, and I swear I never touched it.

I much prefer the pretty green WIFI alert on this laptop all lighted up. I hope for a time when like Elisha just saw things, but then the King of Assyria was sending out the police state to chase him around too.

I am remembering the words of Billy Dixon in how his world was complicated after the buffalo plains, and how all he wanted again was a quart tin cup, coffee and buffalo steak, cooked over a chip fire, and sourdough bread baked by his French cook.
It is different having God in the life He gives, in the Truth has you thinking of a pond, a leanto tent, a fire of wood and a fire of stars in the sky, with all the luxuries of Billy Dixon.