Saturday, September 17, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you have read of the latest horrid incident in America filled with horrid incidents as those who had been by societal pressure kept in the boundaries of fantasy, are now by the Obama regime feeling licensed to express themselves, as this fits the regime crisis domestic policy.

Pipe Bomb Explodes at Marine Race...

Second Device Found...


I had thought about inquiring of the matrix on this, but then I stopped,  because the reality is I have been betrayed from bed fuzz and cuban lupes on Facebook, to those like Jerome Corsi who thought they could manipulate me for their buzz feed, to literally altering time lines so I was visited by the police state being manipulated to look at me, that I do not need any of that any more.

It is come to a logical conclusion literally, that all of those who did not donate and thought they could steal from this blog information as they sat in luxury, those who betrayed this blog or thought is was a word rape platform where they could donate 1 dollar to bitch at me for each dollar, are like the police state in being all adults and they can rule the world and take care of it, as I am not going to be part of this.

I know the good children by their notes and donations, so I will avail good prayers and keeping an eye on them, but as for the rest, let their surveillance and their money protect them.

Logic, as in Sherlock Holmes deduction points to a conclusion that America has been left unhinged. Those who feel dis-empowered will continue to manifest with large events to feel empowered by attacking a society which is hurting them. This will compound as time moves on to more events, which will begin tying down resources in the police state, who will not have time to then surveillance old ladies on Facebook.
All of the Obama invaders will compound this as it is intended to condition Americans to a police state security more prevalent than the one now operational, but the OPEC oil money will keep the Muslims from being looked at, along with Ford needing Jesuit Latins for work farms, and that provides the mantra for the anti government Americans, which I am not one of.

Logic points to just as George W. Bush began cutting off the Clinton money flow from Saddam Hussein to the world in bribes, that with Donald Trump, there will a greater terror surge to punish cowardly Americans, as the Spanish were punished and then bowed to installing a socialist leftist regime to rule them in sodom.

My purpose is to elect Donald Trump, or more to the point not having Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton elected, as was the original objective. Additionally, it is to keep President Elect Trump safe for 8 years, so he will work with President Putin in stopping a global nuclear war to protect Christians East and West.

As for the rest of this, for altering  time lines which someone did not appreciate and desired this blog to be censored, it has now been censored. Those who thought stealing was their right from this blog, now have the same roulette as before as events reset on time lines. It is now none of my business.

I know who have donated and have been friends. I will if an event comes to my attention from internet stories, will protect those peoples. Otherwise the writing will look offshore for events, as my main objective is protecting President Elect Donald  Trump, to form a working peace with President Vladimir Putin for Christians and stopping a global nuclear repeat of America being drawn in by traitors of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt to two world wars.

It is prudent to keep silent, so now all of the adults can deal with what CIA  Director William Colby was concerned about two decades ago, the situations now manifesting in America.