Saturday, September 17, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is a popular girl who resides in the future and I noticed headlines being pushed by Matt Drudge about these Sexbots, or in the future Sexbets for cartoon characters Betty Rubble of Flinstones and Betty from the Archies, but there is a dispute in the Thames country over who is the namesake for this the blondes or brunettes.

Any way, this is the link:

Sex Robots Scary REAL...

Cyborgs With PULSE Talk Dirty...

Now I point something out to you.

What do you think might happen if you have a quite resilient frame and skin structure, which could endure the beasty of sex, if something happened to get confused in the memory banks, even with a safe word kill switch, in a fembot or manbot...........sorry I am giving away all the future world slang for the sexbets, but what do you think is going to happen when a robot does not take no for an answer?

I think the term in the morgue vagina burger and skinned wiener, for clients who get sexed to death by a robot which will not quit, and then has a pile of the sexed laying there as this goes on for days.

It probably is amusing to read for some to think of some male laying there in subjection as Bet keeps trying to pull little flaccid to erection, but instead makes the penis look like hamburger through a grinder, but no one would be amused as Suzi's crotch looks like the hamburger in the display case with pubic bone protruding.
Things like that are only funny when they happen to men, like being hit in the ball sack.

.......and that is just the sexbets at work in raping humans to death. Think of the Nanbots who make you keep eating your bangers and mash, until you suffocate on the potatoes nan is stuffing down your throat as that is what good maids do.