Saturday, September 3, 2016

Donald Trump to lead Blacks from the Hillary Plantation Politics





Slams 'Crazy' Clinton Plan to Give Jobs to Syrian Refugees...

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I am known to knock the hell out of Afroids in America, because they require it, but when this group of Americans stops being footstools for the elitists and gets on their hind legs and become Christian America, I will stand for their positive behavior as much as ridiculed for the misbehavior of their minders.

Today Black Americans in forgotten doomed Detroit treated Donald Trump fairly. They listened to him on their home turf and respected him in a message which is for all Americans.

None of us is not filled with consternation over Michigan. The cities which gave us billions of dollars in revenues in taxes in the war and auto industries have collapsed, and nothing has been done to replace these lost jobs of a generation or keep historical American cities vibrant. No one even spoke of doing anything, until Donald Trump appeared.

My desire is for every Black in America to have a high paying job, so they can get the sewers they are forced to exist in to become shining cities on the hill. They should be owning their communities and not the welfare slaves of DC or city hall. A Black can after all of that vote for Democrats till hell freezes over as that is their right, but at this juncture in saving their race from Obama genocide, I challenge them to give Donald Trump the chance to be President to lead us out of this abyss.

Jesse Jackson praised Donald Trump in another time, when Mr. Jackson was running for President, as Mr. Trump was a builder who got things done, and got things done in Black communities.

I do not need Blacks to understand my ideas nor care if they do. I do though demand they respect my positions in not joining them in jumping over the cliff to the Obama pied piper known as the Draggin' Queen Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have been fighting from Day One against the Obama genocide of Blacks, and continue on to do so, as all I predicted has come true in this Blacklash against Obama becoming the face of Black Americans. This fresh off the boat Asian, prancing around with rich black pimps named Beyonce while millions of Blacks are in prison or shot down in Chicago streets.

I thank Black America for being fair to Donald Trump. They listened and that is all I ever asked and I appreciate it.

I wonder at times like these in what would Martin Luther King jr. do, now that he has been forgotten in the Age of Obama. He was austracized by power America and turned to the Eurasian communists and I believe that is why he was assassinated to stop that leftist revolution from starting, and that is the mess that Jesse Jackson was left to piece together again for a peaceful America.
I would have to believe that Martin King would be denouncing Hillary Clinton's Plantation Politics and speaking of sharing a dream where Donald Trump and Martin King would bring all Americans, of ever race and not perversion to the promised land all of us have had swindled from us.

I can not speak for Donald Trump, but I would promise Blacks in America, that if you back this man for the White House and put him into 1600 Penn Avenue, that there is going to be a Black Renaissance in America of greatness in culture, religion and wealth as never experienced before in transforming your communities as Donald Trump will reward you, not with Obama turkeys once in 8 years, but with getting jobs and keeping what you earn, so that you will become known as a nation of Ben Carson's and not ranters like Kayne West.

If I ever were honored to serve in the Trump Administration, I would shock the hell out of all of you, because no matter my duties, I would have an open door for Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley and Cornell West to listen to them as they are the experts in the Black community, in how to affect change for all Blacks for their best American Dream.