Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump, was President Previously

Because he looks like a President, that is why


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What it is my purpose to teach you in this posting is that Donald John Trump appeared before in America in 1920. He had inherited a nation which 20 years previous a bad recession had burdened Americans in the 1890's, and brought endless war drawing America in and another depression had rocked America.
Americans were fed up with inflation, being impoverished, being murdered in war and being dragged into a globalist system which was not Constitutional and was taking away their rights.

This all sounds familiar in the Obama "change we can believe in" as it was another socialist professor who believed in community organization in Woodrow Wilson who had caused this disaster and betrayal of Americans.

In this a very handsome man, a great speaker, an accomplished gentleman arose in a deadlocked Republican Convention in Warren G. Harding. The mirror of history repeating itself is begun. Read the words of President Harding and ponder if they resonate in you in exactly what you desire, and sound exactly to what President Elect Donald Trump is speaking to.

"America's  present need  is not heroics, but healing, not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment. but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality."
- President Warren B. Harding
29th President of these United States
1920 AD in the year of our Lord 

President Harding embarked upon a bold governance of America and the world. He had inherited the wounded world of former President Woodrow Wilson of German Genocide in World War I, and the new globalism of the League of Nations.
Mr. Harding took his landslide victory upon the above mandate to keep America out of the League and instead embarked upon disarmament in sinking more British warships than England had lost in her history. President Harding accomplished this in peaceful strength and delayed war with Japan, until FDR intrigue began it at Pearl Harbor.

On the domestic front, President Harding pressured steel companies to cease 7 day a week 12 hour a day work schedules.
This Republican reformer, eliminated wartime production controls and cut taxes for Americans, and restored the high productive tariff.
In addition, he imposed stringent controls on immigration.

Three years later the American Depression brought about by Wilson speculators, had ceased and happy days again had returned to America.

"Less government in business and more business in government", was the President Harding motto.

As you can now recognize in your ignorance being eliminated, all of us are in a repeated historical time line, and Donald Trump is the solution and answer, because Warren Harding literally governing as an American President unleashed a Ronald Reagan type expansion and the US economy expanded and went into a bull cycle.

What I am going to address is President Harding was a genuinely good man, but he chose some people who decided that they should profit and this produced the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. For the greatness of Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes and Secretary of Commerce future President, Herbert Hoover, there were weak people who took advantage of Mr. Harding's trust.
Mr. Trump has spoken of appointing the best to serve America, but with the best in many cases, there is superior drive and god complexes who think they are above the law. This is a reality which  Mr. Trump will have to be aware of, as much as President Reagan was plagued by neocon betrayal.

In addition, the Harding expansion continued, when President Harding hounded by the cares of office and betrayals had a heart attack in California and died. In modern era, he would have been treated as Dwight Eisenhower and survived, but another good man in Calvin Coolidge became President, but refused in a hands off policy to become involved in regulating the economy as he had witnessed in his early political career how too much legislation was pushing American society faster than it should have been.
The net result was this expansion, which through speculation  again of the financiers created a staged economic crash in October 1929 AD in the year of our Lord, which was inherited by another Republican in Herbert Hoover, and was exploited by another Democrat in Franklin Roosevelt to progress his socialist agenda in the same manipulation which Barack Hussein Obama  "would not let pass a crisis too good to waste".

We have in this the reality of Warren G. Harding and Donald J. Trump in like situations the American People are responding to. We simply as a people require being aware of the situation which President Trump of course will be as much as Mike Pence.
It will be a reality of Mr. Trump unleashing the economic engine of America, that there is going to be an expansion like none in world history, when this Obama Clinton strangulation ends. The members of the government are going to have to be monitored to keep from the HW Bush type of sabotage or the Colin Powell type of betrayal.

Historically, in America recovering from the Jimmy Carter depression, required 18 months before Ronald Reagan could show signs America was prosperous again. With Warren Harding it was approximately the same period as by 1923 the American economy was expanding greatly. Unchecked the US economy can expand for around 8 years. With proper Ronald Reagan expansion, providing no HW Bush and George Mitchell "read my lips taxes" and Bill Clinton "retroactive taxes", the American economy can expand without inflation, but deflation, and continue perpetually as President Reagan's economy did for almost 30 years until Birther Obama strangled it, and reinstated the Keynesian misery index of exploiting the people.

With Donald Trump as President, history can repeat for the domination of America upon this world for the good of the world in security and prosperity. It happened in the past and will repeat itself.  With being aware of George Soros rapine and treachery from the oligarchs, America will not be taken advantage of again until the people forget. That though is future tense, and at this juncture the past and present are melding. Donald Trump was elected in 1920 and will be elected in 2016, as he is the American destiny time line for the shining city on the hill.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. If you believe in the words of President Warren G. Harding in feeling they speak for you, then your vote is already for Donald Trump for President and your great grandparents elected  the same solution for America in President Warren G. Harding.

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