Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump Guard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I revisit the Trump White Papers being Inspired by a Holy Ghost Bible reading of I Chronicles chapter 27 in the security and administration of the government of King David.

In that time, the service to the government was divided up by 12 Captains or mighty men, who oversaw each month in a rotation of service 24,000 guards.

The Lame Cherry states that for the security, enforcement and administration of the Trump Governent, by, for and of the people, that for the 50 states, they be paired. I submit that in 50 states in 24 months that 1 state will be left out, and in that this should fall to the east coast states in a Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire group.

This entire Trump Guard would be the tribunal of the People's Plight, which the People could appeal to, for Enforcement, Reckoning and Judgment.

The way this would work out is these would  be overlords in the month that they were in service in no court or agency would be over them. This guard answered directly to the President.

The presiding Guard for the month would be divided up to 500 Magistrates to each state. Their work in protecting President Trump and the American People would be in apprehending persons of interest, who would then in checks and balances be turned over to the Home Guard of the 12,000 Guards of the State where the arrest took place.
Justice would be dispensed as would sentence by the State.

This is a chimera, not a Federal Militia, but one which serves the President and the People, but not a State Militia serving only the State.

There has to be a mechanism to deal with the lawlessness of the conglomerates and the politicians, as the entire civil service is nothing but a revolving door of corporate traitors. There must be a way of making Justice prevail in America again, and the only measure of this would be this Biblical Home Guard, serving the King and the People, but answerable to the People as it is overseen by the Leader.

Put this system in place, backed by 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump, and this will rectify itself by the Trump Guard.

John Kennedy had the Green Berets for his warring. Donald Trump will need a group for Justice for Americans, able to enter any office, having all security clearance and capable of arresting any subservise, criminal or traitor, no matter the billionaire connections.

With full mandate to carry out orders, past any removal of it's leadership.

Nuff Said