Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elephant Patties


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering why the silence from Michael Savage over this elephant turning an Italian into a puddle of ooze in Africa, as Mr. Savage had a great deal to say when he hired mercenaries to murder people in Africa who were poaching elephants.

"Police said Fernando Mocclola, 66, spotted the elephant at a watering point a few meters from the camp and curiously moved closer to take pictures when the animal attacked him.

Fernando was with his wife when the incident happened.

Police said the wife had warned him against going too close to the elephant but he tricked by going to his room.

He later sneaked out of his room without taking his breakfast at around 10am and went looking for the elephant.

Fernando started capturing photos of the jumbo oblivious of the fact that he had moved too close. The agitated jumbo charged at Fernando as other guests watched in disbelief."

See the disbelief part I do not get, in I realize in a Disney world that people are lied to in thinking all animals are cuddly and that man is the great evil on the planet, but it goes back to why does a dog dry hump your leg and why does kitty rub on you? It is because they are animals, and are treating you like an animal by marking you as their territory.

I have a great fondness for our Jersey heifers, but there is not a week which passes that they do not do something bovine like bunting at me or kicking at me. There is nothing mean about this at all, because they are treating me like a cow. It is their association in how they think, like all animals.

That is why when a human walks up to an elephant, who knows humans hunt them, knows that other animals drink their water, eat their feed and cause them problems, that an elephant needs to send messages sometimes like throwing a hippo over the trees or smashing a lion to bits, because the other creatures need to learn that the elephant gets first serving and no one else drinks until the elephant is done bathing, pissing, pooping and rolling around in the water.

If you add to this the tondos, the tuskless elephants who get beat up on by elephants with tusks, they are always in a bad mood, so you have few tons of anger by a pool, which can not see the best, and suddenly it becomes aware that some animal has invaded it's space.....it is going to react like an elephant and kill it really dead.

Elephants are really good at killing things. This one killed this Italian and was not that creative, as elephants when practiced, grab a hold of a leg, as arms tear off,  and then beat a person for awhile on a tree. After that gets taken care of, they do what this one did in trampling the person under their feet for awhile. That is why the joke in Africa, the black stuff between an elephant's toes is Africans.

When they are really mad, an elephant then uses it's tusks like a fork making pie dough, and kneads the human into a ball of mud  guts, and then it wanders off having vented some anger.

The lesson in this whether is was that murderous Cecil the lion which was rightly shot or anything else, is animals are animals. You can transfer your stupid human ignorance onto them, but when it comes down to it, animals will treat you first as an animal, as they do not know any better.
They get excited and their response is to bite, claw, kick or whatever else, as in the animal world that says "I am happy", of course it is the same message when it is, "I want to kill you".

For a wonderful world, I would that all the liberals in this world would be sent on free vacations to swim with sharks, take photos of elephants, run with the wolves and lay down with the lions. Granted the world would have a huge surplus of fat predators growing big on this kind of fare, but if it was kept to Africa, the crocs of Asia and the wolves of Canada, things could probably be kept in check with appropriate hunting and trapping.....and think of all the great yard sales of all of those mutton meats having been dined on by the beasties in the wilds, as most of us poor folks could probably afford things.

So it is good that liberals get too close to wild animals, that includes Muslim terrorists, as it culls the human herd out by Darwin natural selection. Saves Bill Gates from injecting toxic polio into 3rd world kids to kill them as we would not want to bankrupt global genocide by the real predators.
Heck if enough liberals turned into elephant patties, we could probably disarm the world of nukes as they would not be necessary any more to cull the population in a coming war.

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