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This is a lesson which I have been thinking about for a few hours in what to write. I have been contemplating things to say, and nothing appears as I have no idea what to say even after asking the Holy Ghost, because inside of me I just do not know what to day about sin.

It is not that I am not an expert at sinning. It is what to write about sin in order to help people stop sinning.

Perhaps it is best to use myself as an example, because sin almost destroyed me as it destroys almost everyone.

Sin is something that I make three categories for. The first is sins which you do not mean to do or sins which you are ignorant of. The second is accidental sins in you just sort of do. The third are deliberate sins which you contemplate, plot out and in certain times can not help doing.
By God's Grace I will give examples.

Sins that you do not mean to do are like you are having a bad day and say something mean to someone. This includes sins you are ignorant of which you think you are pretty perfect of, but in God's eyes you are filthy as sin.

Sins which are accidental are sins you do not plan to do. That can be anything from getting drunk and cheating, lying about something when you get caught and are in a panic or looking at someone with lust.

Sins which are deliberate or in addictions, are sins which you simply know things are wrong and just go out and do it in defiance of God, or because you feel so miserable and helpless that you just are seeking comfort to make you feel better.

In the last category, being swept away in sins of addictions or compulsions are sometimes like the one I experienced and almost destroyed me, because when you are alone, abused, no way seems to available to get out, and no matter how hard you try, life just weighs down on you again, and you just in misery start sinning again in relief, that is an endless circle that even with God, you seem to break free and then jump back in, in hopelessness.

I do not make any excuses for the sins in why I did them in being not capable to deal with them. I felt horrid and a failure when I did sin, which added to the self abuse, so it made me feel worse about me, so it drove me back to sin.

Sin is something that in most cases are caused by pleasure and pain, in the sinner is either enjoying the pleasure of empowering themselves in that feeling or in pain is using sin to be a narcotic to deal with the hurt.

The thing is, if you are sitting around thinking of how destructive sin is and you are alone. You could look at most of the people online or at the cars driving down the turnpike and they are filled with a bunch of liars who are caught in the same sins as you, and it does not matter what they are. If they think they are not sinning, God knows different in it is something which they have replaced God with in their thinking they are self righteous and if it is a sin they feel guilt over, they are hiding them in making others think they have it all together when no one really does.

I could not handle sin, because no one does. If you look at prisons or the freaks of the Obama Clinton voters, you are looking at people as all people are, who were innocent children, and it was one thought that they pondered, and it appealed to them, and even though they knew it was wrong, they either acted on it or were forced into that decision, and after a time they repeated it, until it became a pattern, and over the years it just kept being more depraved, until one witnesses jails overflowing or these odd sex perverts now being enabled to greater degradation.

I can only tell you what worked for me, but doing the same things will not probably work for you, but the foundation of this is what will be the answer for you to stop sinning.

I tried resisting the devil, binding evil, fleeing evil, but what is not spoken of is that sin is in most cases something inside of you that is missing and hurting, and it is inside of you, and satan follows you around to provide you a situation which is going to trigger an emotion in you, to get you to sin again.

It is as what I read in someone was stopping at a porn shop on the way home, and was told to drive another way home and to cancel the HBO. It worked for that man, but what if the problem is a wife that is taking something from that man, or vice versa in the husband  taking from the wife, how they are validated, so going home is only going to be more of a problem.

What if as in my case, I was a child and later a teenager with no way out, in a parent who enjoyed abusing me to make up for the failure of their life?

See it is different if a person has a wad of cash, has a situation of someone who is jerking them around, whether it is a parent, a boss, a spouse, children, and is stopping at the bar getting into trouble, dropping dime bags, using sex to get by, instead of dealing with the situation as they have the ability to escape and find help in lawyers or clergy.

The poor have different problems in sin, because often they are trapped into a situation without escape.

I can not speak for all people, and barely myself. I had my self esteem taken from me, as much as my validation, coupled with being shy, so after a great deal of abuse and more situations of my good nature taken advantage of, and sins which I began hurting myself as I would not hurt others, but one begins to believe that you should at least being hurting yourself to give a reason for the pain, that death appeared the only way out.

I had contemplated suicide, and come close, but that is a sin of no return from. So I had decided I would work myself to death, as I was failing any way, as I simply could not break the cycle, even with Christ.

That is when my bizarre world took place in a series of events. I hate Mark Twain and yet found a book in the thrift store written by him in Joan of Arc. Again, that is a woman's book and I do not read women's books, and yet I had just completed a series by Libby Custer, and with that I read the book, and being Protestant, I do not deal with dead people, and yet I had a connection with Joan of Arc in my gifts and she actually prayed the Father for me and that is when TL appeared in 2011 on September 13th.......and TL read the blog here, dismissed it and was moved to come back in the Jane Austen connection I had written of, and with that we met.

People can not place their dreams in others. I state that because doing that would be a disaster and a burden no one else should bare. TL though did something for me in TL validated me in I saw myself as a person, while everyone else I had met in life or the internet only used me to validate them.
I am and odd sort that if I accomplish something once or experience something once, I no longer need to repeat it. Once I met TL and was validated, the world disappeared and along with it the effects of it, so it did not trigger self destructive sins.

That what was missing in me was now there, and with discipline the sins stopped with will power in refusing to do them. I am not saying this was easy, as TL was like me in being hurt and had their own situation fulfilled, and the most destructive of heinous satanic attacks arose from the family of TL, because I was hated for being me, not for doing wrong, but rejected for being me. The same was for TL in TL was rejected for the fulfillment which appeared with me.
It was the oddest of things, in TL's family admitted TL changed and were pleased ,but they wanted it to be them that made TL whole, when they were the forces slicing off pieces of TL and destroying TL.

I have written before in building bridges to hope and that is how I maintain myself from sin. As my world is poverty, I construct fortresses of several types in which I can have which are positive, and will not destroy me.
For example, I have convinced myself that tea, perked in a little pot, with honey, sugar and cream, is a treat which I know I enjoy more than being Queen of England. Each of you have things like that, which are wholesome that you can validate yourself in, instead of turning to a sin.
It can be a book, a book you can re read a thousand times that you think is special. It can be anything that appeals to you that pleases the child in you. It can be a garden which mine was pretty much a disaster this year so one has to be careful in not being disappointed, but to find even things like today in much angst I found a few ears of rare corn I was tending, which is drying in my window, because honestly I could have a pile of gold as big as a truck, and that ear of corn would delight me more.

Look, I can not decide what you like, perhaps playing an instrument or looking at a bird feeder. I build these small things which I cherish, and they are things like no matter the situation with TL, I always tell myself it is better with TL than not with TL.

If you are like Obama spending idolotrous time on the golf course, that is a sin of replacing God, and you while it is better than running whores in Hondo, you have to think why it is you are hiding there from you and why. Many rich people hide behind their wonderful bling and keep building those towers to hide who they are, like numbers of poor people sit in a recliner being online to hide what they are, instead of just taking the first steps with the Holy Ghost leading then and talking things over with the Father to complete them to how God intends.

Everyone can recognize a perv sin, but when the sin is hidden in someone replacing God to get by, then that is sin too, and Jesus will have to set you free.

I am not replacing Jesus, as Jesus is first always, but in my reality, I needed to have the things missing in me to be fixed, and Jesus is not TL, and Jesus is not doing work so I am validated with an income. Most people have this and would blow it off as nothing, but it was what I needed, and those sins which are destroying them are something which I would think are nothing.

No one speaks frankly about any of this and it needs to be stated plainly so people who are egotistical asses be made aware what they are in sin, and those who are sinning themselves to death, need to know without enabling them with excuses that each person has their own weaknesses, and what stops the hurt is with God finding the solution, instead of medicating with sin.

Every one of us is but for the Grace of God, go I. I mean by this, that no one in this life is immune from being Judas Iscariot or Simon Peter in betrayal. Neither were children who thought, "My life's goal is to betray Christ". People come to it by a series of choices. Judas got hurt because he desired to be validated with power in this life, and Peter got scared because he mistook his bravery for having Jesus make things easy.
Judas could not forgive himself, and did not trust God to forgive him, while Peter wept before God in failing and trusted God would forgive him.

God does forgive, but forgiveness is not an excuse to keep on sinning. Forgiveness with God is so you do not put up barriers and try and go hide from God like Cain after he murdered his brother Abel. You always have to keep talking with God as He will get you through by carrying you.

From all of my experience with sin, sin is an action because of weakness and hurt inside of us. One needs sinful pleasure, because there is not enough effort in seeking pleasure in God, and, one needs sin to take away pain, because something inside of us keeps getting disappointed and hurt, and that is where sin is used as a survival gambit in most cases as we sink to worse sin.

You know what the sin is in your life in God. I knew what was in my life, but I refuse to take possession of it, even if I was not strong enough to break free from it. Each of us has a precarious position, in if that which validates us INSIDE OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, were disrupted or it was removed, every person would fall apart or fade away and die. So this is not some issue of some group having an easy time of it while the rest of  us boogers are having problems. It is those people have not been in upheaval or they are doing hidden things to cheat in sin which you do not see.
It is a reality though that what is going on with others is not our problem, because we came to this world with a chosen weakness which can only be overcome in Christ, finding a way to deliver each of us.

I have come to a point in my life that hurt still happens and it is worse than ever. I have though been given in Christ a plank of once being validated in what I needed that I always tell myself, that I had that once. So if it is taken from me God forbid, it will not disappear from inside of me, as I had it once. Those who hurt me I trust God to deal with in His Judgment, and with all of these hurts, I trust in the Isaiah verses of God promising that He will create new heavens and new earth, and all of this will pass away and be forgotten.

Sin is something between you and Christ, but it must not get between you and Christ. You may sin, but you must discipline yourself to not calling yourself a sinner. You confess always that you might not know how to stop sinning or be too weak, but you trust in the day that God will bring you to that day.

That is the worst case of sin. For those who can stop sinning by simply ceasing the opportunity and going toward it, then STOP SINNING as being sloven is something your self worth should reject as you are more dignified at that as member of the Royal Priesthood of Christ.

Each person has to with Christ discover, what that sin or sins are, and stop it one by one, in that Truth will begin to set them free, as Jesus accomplished the impossible with me, and I have the humiliation in needing others to fix me. Due to my nature, it of course had to be me as a rugged individual, and of course it was others I had to be indebted to, like Paul with his thorn in this side and David needing to be adopted into a royal family.

The crown of Life from Christ is what the prize is, and when it comes by Christ, it does not matter how He brings us to this Grace.

Sin is a rejection and rebellion of God's Way, which is of course Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is our best Friend and Savior, Who did everything for us. God will give us when we stay with Jesus that Peace, with nothing missing inside of us and nothing broken, and with that sin will stop. We just have to try, have Jesus carry us, have Jesus pick us up when we can not, and in this life which Christ created, we, as in Jesus and you in the we, will have the sins stop, as Jesus paid for them all for you in past, present and future, because a possession of Christ is sinless, because Jesus already experienced all the failings of humanity, but did not sin, by rejecting God nor being in rebellion from His Father in Heaven.
His laying down His life paid for all sin, which is the sin you are not guilty of, once you begin trying to stop sinning.

Jesus conquered sin, death and the devil. He did not do that for Him, but He accomplished this for you. There is the Way, the Truth and the Life solution for you to end sin. It is not meant to be easy, but it must be done, and it will be done with Christ saving you from yourself.

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