Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fat Hands Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above photo is a montage of Hillary Clinton from the 9 11 collapse to her disappearing after Orlando Florida. The Lame Cherry is going to try and explain what is taking place, as it seems evident that the press is having sophisticated editing programs enlisted to make Mrs. Clinton into a metamorphosis creature.

By this I mean, on 9 11 we witnessed a real photo of Hillary Clinton's hands, or, it might be a case that another Hillary Double had been unleashed in public for the Secret Service to stand down, for a sympathy moment..........think of it like a stunt double getting roughed up as the star is at home trying to uncross her eyes.
It was reality that the Secret Service left gaps that day twice on 9 11, on whoever the two women were as the photo evidence of hands to ears does not match.

The main profile photo above is from the Washington Post. She has turkey neck. The photo by the jet is her leaving for Orlando, and she is fatter in a fuller face and her turkey neck has disappeared. This is where Hillary's Fat Hands have now appeared........after the Lame Cherry exclusively first published the Hag Hands Hillary Clinton had on 9 11.

What I desire each of you to think about is, yes Hillary Clinton has some type of stand in, a stunt double. But like Michelle Obama's two state size big fat ass appeared and disappeared, even on moving footage, it appears that the mystery of Hillary Clinton in a number of the photos not matching, it is a computer photo editing program doctoring all of her you remember media put an orange filter onto Donald Trump to try and make him look odd at the debates.

It appears that sick Hillary was in Orlando. Being rested in her coffin for long enough, she can function. Her function though had her breaking out in Florida into her redneck speak though:

“Having said all this, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask?”

Hillary has not lost her Nigger or Cracker talk part of her brain in condescending to her voters.

Something else appeared in Dr. Hillary is now diagnosed all Americans as addicts in voting for Donald Trump.

“If you do know somebody who might be voting for Trump, stage an intervention,” Clinton pleaded with her remote audience. “Try to talk some sense into them.

So now voting in America is something that needs an intervention in, as the person is mentally sick in not voting for Hillary Clinton and Americans are all mentally retarded dimwits.

This speech took place in a bizarre setting as Mrs. Clinton flew to Florida, to have a video conference with union workers in Nevada.

Apparently when Hillary Clinton has an outing, she gets in as many long distance meetings no one attends as possible to prove she is alive.

This software which is creating Frankenhill apparently is so over taxed that it can not decide on whether to make Hillary look fat, or which parts to make look healthy.

The thing is which everyone missed in the pre Orlando photos is that while Hillary Clinton's left eye going off the reservation was "fixed", if you study the eyes of Hillary Clinton boarding the her 737 Boeing jet, you will note that her right eye is now going screw eye. She has hints of that same seizure freeze gaze, but in this case her right eye is now not centered.

Compare that to the last appearance by Mrs. Clinton her screw eye on the left eye.

Literally in a few days, Mrs. Clinton's eyes or in reality her left brain and right brain have had neurological problems. Literally what was done to "fix" the left eye has now caused her brain such trauma, that it is now the right eye or her left brain now more dysfunctional.

It is one thing for computer software to attempt to make Hillary Clinton not appear like the Cadaver Candidate, but it is an entirely different situation now in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, having eyes that are rolling back in her head on one side of her head, and then the next a few days later.

Literally, Hillary Clinton is disappearing now for a week, until the Trump Debate. Literally her schedule as of yesterday showed that Mrs. Clinton is going to only appear 4 more times before the November Election. This woman can not even campaign for President. She can not allow people near her or whatever her eyes are doing would freak them out.

This is the reality and a series of more Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter, as found no place else.