Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Lazy Eye


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After Mrs. Bill Clinton's collapse on 9 11, there have been two instances caught on digitals of this woman's left eye crossing, while the other remains centered in what was in layman's terms "screw eye" of another era.

There actually is a medical term for this in Strabismus and Amblyopia, and the causes can be explained in it is either brain fatigue or degradation where it is too tired to automatically focus the eye, or it is Amblyopia, which is caused by pressure in the brain, which would be caused by a tumor or a blood clot pressing on the area affected.

Brain Tumor Causing Lazy Eye? - Inspire

Brain Tumor Causing Lazy Eye? JenAndDoug. Add as Friend Message. ... it's clear that it was related to the tumor. Point being, a tumor can cause amblyopia, ...

Both of these conditions are related though in there is neurological problems taking place, in the 6 muscles which control the eyes are not functioning properly, and that means neurological or electric, as the nervous system requires electric stimulus to function, and what is taking place in Hillary Clinton is her left eye is no longer functioning in the signals to the brain to the muscle have been cut off.

If this was a stroke, it would be permanent. As it appears from time to time, it means something is interupting the nerve transmissions. This can be brain swelling, fatigue, blood pressure enlargement of a tumor or a blood clot which dissolves and then reforms, every time Mrs. Clinton travels as the activity is too much for her.

We know for certain this is a new symptom in the growing list of conditions this old woman is attempting to deal with. It is a cough which is silent, so to speak in people can see that another motor function of Mrs. Clinton is breaking down.

Parkinson's UK - Eye problems and Parkinson's

Some people with Parkinson's experience eye problems. These may be caused by Parkinson's or can be a side effect of Parkinson's medication.

We do not know what is the entire situation with Mrs. Clinton, as her doctor is an absolute liar who distorts the condition like Mrs. Clinton distorts her email situations. The medical reports are always about some specific treatable problem which is causing the symptoms to manifest, and never the entire condition which is manifesting this growing list of symptoms, which Americans have an absolute right to know, as this woman is supposed to answer the 3 AM call, and in the past few months, we do not know if she can wake up for the call, see the phone, or if she is going to see two phones and never will get it answered, as she falls down, passes out, and needs to be driven over to Chelseas to use her daughter's phone.

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