Thursday, September 22, 2016

For the necessary success of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Having ceased the Trump White Papers, this Lame Cherry post instead focuses upon historical perspective and present corruption, in order to right the future of America under President Donald Trump.

Historically, the Civil War created a financial axis in America, wed to European Rothschild banking, which would unleash corruption which would lead to the mass assassination of General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry when he exposed the Indian Ring Corruption in America, in which Indians were exploited  and Americans were robbed and endangered by this encompassing syndicate of evil.

This became more compounded and entrenched in America after the President Grant years, where the South literally became an occupied country by US Troops for a decade and the American West became exploited for profit.

The latest scheme in this was selling of Postal contracts in the West to exploit Americans.

President James Garfield was determined to end this corruption led by Republicans, in himself being a Republican and sent his Postmaster General, Thomas L. James on a mission to root out all corruption no matter where the trail followed.
Into this US Senator from New York in Roscoe Conkling was running a corrupt ring of appointees at the US Customs House there, and the "Stalwarts" or the Old Guard of President Grant were still attempting to pack the Government with their cronies.
Garfield remained firm and defeated this group to progress America to the true necessity of Civil Service Reform called for by Garfield's predecessor in President Rutherford B. Hayes..

As you may note in this, after the Civil War, there was a Republican hegemony ruling America and treating the South as a political fiefdom. It was a syndicate of corruption which was the same insiders who railed against reformer President Theodore Roosevelt, were the whispering campaign against Ronald Reagan, and are the same Rockefeller Republicans of the Bush family, who have been engaged as Hillary Clinton's 5th Column against Donald Trump.
History must be understood so one comprehends the American oligarchs of corruption, protected by a police state are nothing new, and both political parties exploiting Americans to their harm is the same criminal sin in the Obama 21st century as it was in the Grant 19th century.

There are more than 21 million government employees - CNS News

cns news .com TM. 21,995,000 to ... government employment in May and June of 2010 was unusually high because of temporary workers hired to help ... Federal employees ...

There literally are in America almost 22 million people employed by the Federal, State and Local regimes. There are no current statistics, but "drops" have appeared in the Obama regime, but the details are not available and are suspect in the "drops" are inclined to be military employees being fired.

Army to Cut Its Forces by 80,000 in 5 Years - The New York Times

This is the fourth round of budget cuts for the military since President Obama took office. Under the plan, ... Email us at

One can find in the real employment number facts, in the Obama "declines" are due to the Super Depression this corrupt regime has been managing, which has caused bankrupt states and local counties slashing employees, as they can no longer afford them.

Under Obama, a Record Decline in Government Jobs - The New ...

Under Obama, a Record Decline in Government ... The local-government job count fell 3.8 percent under him ... the cuts have been greater under Mr. Obama.

This is a centralized Federal Taminy Hall where allegiance is directly to the corrupt DC apparatus. It is either Obama welfare, Obama unemployment or Obama job terror to keep a job, while the secure jobs are handed out to the Obama federals sent out to enforce the Obama executive orders of the Obama police state.

The fact of all of this evidence is this is the corruption of the Civil Service of America. It is a group of leftists who serve themselves, are illegally unionized for the Democratic party and accept their lucrative bribes to the harm of working Americans.

Regime employment is a corrupt enterprise and was NEVER intended in America as a career. This began under Franklin Roosevelt who in more corruption changed sleepy Washington City and horse farm Virginia, into this DC police state fed trillions of dollars for the Virginia compound in the highest inflated prices in America due to tax dollars.

There must be reform. It is ridiculous the retirement packages that politicians and civil service welfare employees. A pension was meant as a reasonable retirement, not a luxury of 50,000 dollars with full healthcare benefits in this syndicate.
There must be a reality that the 95 million unemployed Americans should have a lottery opportunity for 4 years at one of these jobs, and that should be the term limit on every Civil Service employee. One serves America 4 years, with a healthcare benefit, and then one prepares to find a real job in the economy, instead of making life an EPA hell for homeowners being fined for dumping dirt in a mud puddle.

The only way to end this beast is to make the employment rotational from top to bottom in 4 year civil service employment and then returning to the private sector for a period of 5 years. There must be an absolute wall of separation which ends the revolving door of Goldman Sachs or Monsanto employees being put into the Treasury or Agriculture for a few years to implement policies benefiting these conglomerates while destroying their competition.
There must be a reality that the total number of government employees can never exceed .01% of the naturalized American population. In an age of computers, with 300 million Americans that 300,000 regime employees is more than enough of a drain on tax funds. 60,000 regime employees per state is a cannibal enough body to feed, as it contemplates to IRS, BATFE and NSA eat you.

America must have Civil Service reforms to break this corrupt GOPliter socio conglomerate complex. If America does not deal with it, it will destroy everything Donald Trump will attempt in reform and be back like a cancer invading new body parts in another 4 years.

This is what  will be required in American Governance. There is nothing glorious about this, nothing to make you filled with delight in another scandal, but this is the guts of the regime which must be gutted, and it will require thousands of honest people to accomplish these solitary jobs, and when the job is completed, to walk away, and not become a bottom feeder of corruption which is what America is from National Review Mockingbird subsidies to the Obamaphones handed out like bongs to crack whores.

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