Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vote Trump

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It was very kind of Jack Dorsey the Politburo front man for the NSA's Twitter to provide this link to those who hate America and Americans, in people can check their registration to vote, can register to vote and can obtain absentee ballots.

For those who have been shirking your duties in supporting Donald Trump, you can now share this with all of the people in your circles to make certain they vote for Donald Trump. Let us use the tools which are being set up to steal this election from us, to make that tool a tactic to use to keep this victory for Donald Trump.

Everything you need to vote

It takes less than 2 minutes to register.

Register to vote

Find out if you are registered to vote.

Check registration status

Can't vote in person on Election Day?

Get your absentee ballot

Thanks to @Jack, @Twitter who appears to be constipated for thought. Hard to believe when he  looks to have shit for brains.


Nothing like having creeper eyes. Oh wow, Pepe is Jack Dorsey posing.

I digress..........

Trump 2016 - 2020


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