Tuesday, September 27, 2016

George Soros International Terrorist


Billionaire George Soros throws another $2.5 million to pro-Clinton PAC

George Soros gave a fresh $2.5 million to a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC in August, part of a $23.4 million haul for the group.
CNBC6 days ago

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is time to charge George Soros as an international terrorist.

Before each of you brush this off as a "never going to happen", the reality is that after the terrorism in Charlotte North Carolina, there is absolutely no difference between George Soros and Ossama bin Laden over 9 11.

In the United States, the INDIVIDUAL has a Constutional Right of peaceful assembly. No place in that document or applied consent is there any right to hire protestors for political statements, protesters who do not even reside in that State, to appear and loot, riot, set fires and create other acts of violence which is organized terrorism, and it does not make any difference if Sheik  bin Laden funded people to fly planes into building to start fires, or it was George Soros who funded people to fly in planes to set fires in North Carolina on the ground. It is the same funding and the same terrorism.

The reality in this, that any nation, from Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Sweden to the United States can legally apprehend and arrest George Soros and try him for terrorism, seizing his billions in assets, exactly as bin Laden's funds were seized. Each of the above nations has experienced Soros terrorism, and more to the point, every nation on this planet  has a duty to arrest and detain Mr. Soros to extradict him to any other nation for terrorism, because that is exactly what he has conducted for years against peaceful peoples.

If one examines the terrorism of George Soros from Libya to North Carolina, this is his funded societal upheaval, and is an act of war on peaceful peoples.

Freedom Outpost About the 70% of Out of State Rioters in Charlotte, why is the Obama DOJ not Charging Them for Crossing State

In reality, just as missile strikes and military operations were conducted against Ossama bin Laden, the same national right is available to carry out such a mission in any state which houses George Soros. More to the point, this is a matter for the United Nations in any nations who harbors George Soros, should be deemed a terror state with full sanctions unleashed upon them, and the Security Council should vote upon an act of war on that nation.

The Crimes Against Humanity which are the actions of George Soros from the first steps of making war on the British Pound, to stealing Romanian gold, to the last in burning down an American city are all acts of international terrorism, which has outstripped anything Muslims or Nazi's have ever been accused of. It is time for the Adminstration of Donald Trump to either conduct a missile strike on the George Soros compound or send in a joint military operation to apprehend this terrorist for Gitmo, and within the week, have him tried, and when found guilty, to hang this terorist in George Soros as Saddam Hussein was hung by the neck until dead.

There is no right to hire a mob to burn down American cities. The reason George Soros has cover for these terror acts, is because he is one of the financiers for the international cartel which is setting up the Neo Obama Order. Those traitors in the United States regime should face the same arrest for protecting this criminal terrorist in George Soros, so all nations will have peace within their borders.

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