Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Obama Regime Beginning European Economic Crash

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While Loretta Lynch was cutting deals with Bill Clinton on the tarmac, in the fraud James Comey investigation of Hillary Clinton, all of you children have been missing something which only the Lame Cherry has now stated to define the situation, and that is as American politics are providing political cover for the third stage depression in America, there is a deliberate plunge being initiated in the first states of Europe, and it is being initiated in Washington DC by the US Justice Department under Loretta Lynch for the Obama  regime.

What this all is based on is the Obama regime demanding basically all the cash that Deutsch Bank has, as the Obama DOJ, has discovered mismanagement in the German investments. (You might remember a Japanese car maker got nailed to almost bankruptcy for Obama auto too at the beginning of this regime.)

Deutsche has seen its shares fall 55 per cent in the last year amid persistent questions about its financial health, concerns that have been compounded by the US Department of Justice’s recent demand for $14bn to settle allegations of mis-selling mortgage securities.
The bank has said it will not pay anywhere near that figure, which is close to its total market capitalisation of $18bn,

Literally the Obama regime is demanding the net worth of German banking, with the intended effects which will follow, as this is setting off a stock plunge in European finance.

Investors were not swayed by the denial, and the Deutsche concerns helped drag down the rest of the European banking sector, with Commerzbank closing down 3.7 per cent, UniCredit down 3.5 per cent and BNP Paribas down 3.1 per cent.

Consider this now, with the Obama regime attempting to start nuclear war in Europe with Vladimir Putin of Russia, the Soros invasion of Muslim rapists and murderers for a 5th column front line in Europe during that war, just why would the Obama regime being destabilizing the European economy, unless it is the third leg of a deliberate plan, to make Europe appear so weak, that it literally will be invaded by Russia, and create a European Scorched Earth from Prague to Paris.

This is why  the American Donald Trump must be supported and elected. The globalist  forces across America and Europe are so imploding the West so as to bring it to war. Hollande in France is nothing more than a feminine Merkel of Germany, and what leads in Sweden are pimps in torture brothel.

You know now the exact triad of this attack and what it's purpose is. There is a global war coming again, by the same cartel which set up the German Genocide in World War I & II. It will murder billions in this round, and cover America and Europe, with death, as the real slaughter will come for Russia, as the target is her gold and raw wealth.

We must keep this from happening to the November elections in America, and then stand united for peace to the January 20th inauguration of President Donald Trump, to find the solution to all of this with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

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